Exfoliating your Lips!

Exfoliating your lips will give smooth moisturized lips.
There are three different methods of exfoliating your lips.
The first way I know of is by using coconut oil and a toothbrushes with straight soft bristles. You scrub your lips gently with the coconut oil than leave on for continued moisture…
The second way I know if is to make your homemade lip Scrub with either Extra Virgin Olive oil and brown sugar/white sugar mixture. You create a paste by equal parts of a tablespoon each of part. The if you need to add more sugar to make a paste you can
I also use the Platinum Eye and Lip cream for the lips with the special tool!vaseline and tooth brush

Facebook to grow your business!

Facebook is an awesome social media platform to grow your direct sales marketing business!
Posting daily is important growing your online business.
Posting good and positive and lifestyle posts is what you need to focus on and a little bit of the time posting about your business once and a while !
But are you posts being seen?
Your organic reach is important to others seeing what you post!
A good way to do this is by messaging people ..
Create a positive vibe by liking posts on their timeline and then be bold and enter in to a conversation !
Start by saying hi and complimenting something you saw on their timeline.
I know this is crazy but… I noticed you coming through my news feed a lot and just wanted to say that I really … compliment ..
Or I heard one person say she sings happy birthday through messenger to starting getting a strong reaction..
you could follow that compliment by saying I noticed you get a lot of likes on your posts and seem to really have a great following you would be really great at what I do for work…
Let them ask what do you for work they are going to spy out your page for sure..
Then if they don’t already bring it up because in some cases they will ask would be open to earning some side money along with what you’re doing now!?
They may say yes they may say no but either way they way they are going to get you closer to the yeses!

Online Sales and Marketing !

I just came back from a Network Marketing Training Seminar and I learned a lot !
I learned new Online Sales methods and was wanting to share with you what I learned !
You want to be posting daily on your social media networks !
1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Twitter
4. Pinterest
Daily post on your social media platforms because over time you will be gathering a following !
Going live on facebook raises your organic reach. Meaning that Facebook will shine a light down on your profile because your going live! This light will help your business to grow substantially.
Post good content. Post 2-3 times a day spread out and consistent .
Don’t be spammy or salesy rather post about your lifestyle and current events. Post motivational and inspirational material. Post about you and what you love because in this your creating your brand! This all falls into the category falls under the category of attractive marketing. You are attracting like minded people to yourself who will be able to connect with you and will eventually buy from or want to work on your team for your company.
Instagram has specific feature called “Story” use this feature to share yourself as being a normal human being and very relatable. One particular example that was given was putting a photo on instagram under story as you spilled your cup of coffee people relate to you because they spill their coffee too! Which makes you reachable and connectable.
For every 7 post of content only 1 should be a product that you sell rather share other things of value.
Pinterest is great way to post all things related to your company and then some.
Post what your interested and post about your business. This can be as many as you would like !
Get involved with groups and make friends and new connections!
Connect locally to where you live and also connect with groups that have things that you are into or interested in !
Blogging motivational , inspiration , business and more ..
Email Marketing .. Getting emails is key to your success is well. Offer free giveaways and free ebooks or sweepstakes if they register and sign up!
Messenger on Facebook as friends first .. Get new friends by liking three things and then adding as a friend. Build a large friends list and a large following on all social media platforms.
online pictures
post good content

Pedi Perfect Feet !

Give yourself the perfect pedicure at home !
You can use one of the handy dandy foot spas at walmart or you can use the tub!
Get some hot water but not too hot water going into the tub/spa where you going to soak your feet..
While it is filling up remove your nail polish with acetone and cut and shape your nails they way you would like.
pedicure tool set
Pour some Footworks Lavender Pampering Oil 3~1 to soak your feet and soak your feet!
The cool thing about Footworks 3~1 Pampering Oil has a cuticle remover as a feature for the product !
Grab a magazine and let your feet soak for about 10 to 15 minutes !
Upon pulling your foot out of the water!

Brush your toenails with the brush side to remove dead skin !
Then use the Foot Scrub to really scrub your feet to exfoliate to help remove the calluses and rough spots on your feet
Footworks has a Avon Foot Works Pumice Cream
Avon Footworks Pumice Cream
Use a foot scrub and follow pedicure massage techniques as you apply the cream.
Focus a lot on all the rough spots that need attention. This will help you soften as well as exfoliate the feet.
A pumice part of the tool is a great way of softening and treating your rugged, rough feet!
Remove both your feet slowly from the tub and dry them using a clean towel.
Take an orangewood stick and thrust your cuticles carefully on the toe nail. Ensure their suppleness and softness.
orange stick
You may also paint the toenails. In order to do that, use toe separators.
toe serators
Put a base coat on your nails is a great idea. A base coat which is a bit opaque is a good idea because it provides robustness to the nail and prevents breakage.

Now apply your favorite shade of nail polish. Allow the initial coat to dry off. Repeat the process on the other feet and repeat.

Here is beautiful set of Toes that have been pedicured with Avon Products !
avon pedicure.jpg

How to get you New Avon Customers!

avon header1

finding customers
How to find more customers with Avon !

Be sure to order the current brochures and make sure you order plenty.
If you don’t have any current Avon brochures you don’t have an open store!
What do you do with Brochures ?
campaign 9 brochures.jpg
Put them In Businesses, Doctors offices, hair salons, gyms and schools the list goes on!
100 places.jpeg
Don’t throw brochures away when and if you don’t get them all out. You can toss them in driveways and you can put them in newspaper boxes. Avon sells literature bags in their tools section for you to put them in!
tossing avon books
Take Three Current Brochures with goodies in them and pass on 3 to five a day.
Make sure your asking for follow up information because the fortune is in the follow up!..
Dialogue could be ” Hello .. wow I really love … (compliment them authentically) Smile at People ! Ask how they are doing? make a connection and find a way to bridge or connect your Avon business with your conversation with them!
You know what I have a goodie bag with Samples in my person I would love for you to have it..
brochure goodie bags This could be something you might say to ask for followup information .. I was wondering I am doing a contest right now would you like to put in for it could I have your information so I could let you know when they order is going in and to see if you would like anything .. a phone number and/or and email would be great thanks! and make sure you follow up.. you will grow sales this way..
fortune is in the follow up
Did you make your contact list of all your friends and family .. this is what you call your warm market! Share with them you are now a Avon Representative and would be they interested in receiving a Avon Brochure?
memory jogger list
Don’t let NO’s upset you! Did you know in Sales that the national average for any direct sales is 1 out of 10 say yes! That is a statistic for all salespeople so your not alone and it is just how it is .. Try not to see it as they saying not to you but rather they are saying no to Avon.. it is okay Next ..
Your Avon Store is wear you should be shopping for you Makeup , your skincare, and your clothes/jewelry.. Buying from another departments instead of your own store doesn’t benefit you! Ross and Marshalls isn’t going to pay you for selling Avon.. If you are buying from yourself you will begin to learn your products and be passionate about them. Take pictures of yourself using and wearing your Avon products so that you can share with others online in social media Model your outfits and Do a before and after of your health and beauty products!

Know your product line so you can share it with others .. Be a good listener to fill a need or want they might have!
Give out of lots of samples to customers and be sure to follow up on your samples

Make sure you are wearing a smile and looking professional in your business.
Be wearing your Avon T shirt and having your car with your business branding on you .

Customers are not going to call you. it is your responsibility as the Avon Representative to call them and see if they want to place an order with you!
Call every customer every time!
Use your Avon Email Marketing and send emails to all the emails you have ! to give them a special deal.
Use your social media outlets. Create a Facebook Business Page and A customer group pages. Get involved in groups on facebook to build your business.
Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Use Avon Social Selling on your avon portal
selling onlinesocial media business
Be blogging about your opportunity and your products. Do beauty blogs or fashion blogs or health and wellness.
Go live and do youtubes videos
get involved on groups on line!
Have a Facebook Party ! Online and or in Person! Give the person a discount on order they acquire !

Make Avon Baskets and sell them!
avon basket1
Put out your business cards on community boards and the library. Put your business cards anywhere and everywhere you can!
avon business card1
Be Inventive and Creative in your business research. Look for ways on your own to build and grow in your Avon Business !
avon choices for wrap

Anew Age-Transforming 2-in-1 Compact Foundation !

avon header
Absolutely Love this product !

I bought this Anew Age-Transforming 2-in-1 Compact for me but at first I didn’t really give it credit because I love my True Color Flawless Ideal Foundation ! Still love this product still ! But I bought the compact foundation for my mother ! She is 82 going on to 83 and I love this for her because instantly it covered very well any spots she had from aging and it literally transformed her to looking much younger ! My mother is very wrinkled from Age and this compact helped her tremendously!

So now my testimonial I was taking so long to get ready in the morning that I decided I have to go find a fast way to apply my makeup. So I tried it on myself and I am telling ya I love it for my quick makeup because I can get done so much faster.. With my other foundation there was blending I had to do and with the compact I am done much faster it also made me look younger also and it is great when has both the foundation and the concealer mixed together it so much time saved for me ! I definitely suggest you try this amazing product !
To find it quickly it is here :

Give Value , Give Value , Give Value ! Sell!

direct sales
How do you get more sales? Whenever you want to sell product or services it is a good thing to keep in mind the idea of giving first before asking for that sales. In order to get repeat sales it is a great idea to give three times as much as you ask for the sell.
give then ask for business
How are you providing value to a customer or prospective customer in order to want to buy from you ? Why not buy from anyone .. giving them a reason to buy from you first and foremost is important to repeat sales. There are plenty other salespeople that are willing to sell to them so it is a good idea to have their mind gravitate towards you ! This literally works for all direct sales.
I want to give you an example of what I mean. Whenever I go out prospecting or looking to sell I give a lot of samples and coupons for things.. Online I give deals , special offers and giveaways in emails that subscribe to my website.
Email Marketing is a great way online to give to be asking for selling.
In person I create sample brochure goodie bags to give to people when I see them and then I hope they they will give me their information by asking if they want to be entered into a sweepstakes or sometimes I ask if it would be okay if I could follow up on the samples to see what they thought about them.
brochure goodie bags

Tips and Tricks to applying Nail Polish!

Avon Nailwear Pro+ (1)
After reviewing a few different resources on tips and tricks on how to apply nail polish effectively I have got some pretty cool fun things for you to try and do.
One of the tips is before applying the nail polish it is great idea to clean your nails with Vinegar before applying ! It helps with how the nail polish lays on your finger nails.
vinigar nail polish
Always put on a base coat because it helps the nail enamel adhere to your nails and it makes the nail polish last longer and not peel off as quickly ..
apply a base coat
Before applying nail polish a no fail way to polish your nails is to add elmer’s glue around the nail and let it dry so when you paint nails and after drying them all you have to do is peel off the glue and wah lah “perfection”.
elmers glue 2
When you are applying your nail polish you only need three strokes. Put a bead of nail polish in the middle back of your nail and brush the one stroke down the center and one on the right and one on the left. Let the brush do the work brusk for you !
nail polish in three strokes
To dry your nails quickly. Apply Quick Dry Coat from Avon and air dry your nails for about 1 minute then take your air dry nails and stick your them into a bowl of cold ice water for another couple nails and they will dry quickly.
dry nails instantly.jpg
quick dry nail polish
After applying your nail polish generously put cuticle conditioner on your cuticles.

You should keep nail polish on for about two to three weeks before changing it !
Have fun painting your nails with these new tips and techniques !
avon gel finish

Happy Mother’s Day!

flower header
With mother’s day approaching soon I thought I would begin to search for ideas on how to make the Day awesome for my mother!
My mother is in her 80’s and I am blessed to be able to have her with me in my home! She lives with me and I am her caretaker .. and even my mother is 82 she is always there for me as well.
To start Mother’s Day out great you might consider making her Breakfast !
A special breakfast for my mom with be Swedish Crepes with cream cheese and strawberry preserves. A yummy gourmet speciality coffee some homemade creamer of her favorite flavor of choice!

Spending time with someone especially mothers mean a lot to them ! Set aside some time to visit with you Mom on mother’s day!
A Great Idea I thought was to get her or make her a handcrafted mother’s day where it can make her feel special because you took the time to give her a card that was unique to her.hand made mothers day car
It can be crafted by you or if your not crafty you can hire someone to make one for her!
This idea is of the folding paper card with the Tulips would be awesome because there could be a variety of messages to you mother to show her you love her and appreciate you!
One last idea among many I saw was the idea of framing a picture of you and you mother you can buy a pretty frame at a store or you can make one but I think it would be awesome idea !
mothersday photo
For a gift I like to be pampered so I will probably get my mom Fragrance Set of some Sort from my business my top two choices !
I hope you and you Mother have a very Blessed and Special Day ! 🙂
flower header

Skin So Soft Gelled Body Oil !

Skin So Soft Gelled Body OIl is awesome ! It is have the silky smooth of body oil can do with the greasy after effect. The gelled body oil consistency stays with and on your skin longer giving you the benefits of a longer moisturizing effect for hours after it. It makes skin silky and smooth and very luminous!
There is no after effects of greasy or sticky residue.
It will do an awesome job of making your skin super soft
It comes three different scents and effects. You can purchase the original , the amazing scent of soft or sensual, of soft or sensual, or get the extra soft feel of radiant moisture