The Important of a Positive Mindset!

Good Morning Beautiful ! ❤
I hope you are having a fabulous Thursday Morning !
You are important!
You are worthy of Awesome things in your life!
You have greatness in you !
You have gifts and talents that are your signature that no one can do like you You are Unique and You are Beautiful
Replace the "I am " … and say these exact things to yourself out loud! Because how we think is who we become!
Believe in your abilities to succeed .. you have what it takes to be successful !
I believe in you ! I know that you amazing and awesome! I know that you can achieve much more than the your eyes or mind can know about you!
Stand tall , be Brave, be fearless because you are Amazing!

Sometimes when we hear these things said to us it may feel awkward at first! The reason that is because we are so accustomed to feeling bad about who are and what we are..
But if we talk to good ourselves when we say these same things I said you to ourselves we begin to see our are true worth that has been pushed down underneath all the negative.. In order to really be successful in life in whatever we do .. we have to work first on how we think about ourselves and our abilities we have truly believe in us! We have to think that good things are going to happen in our lives. We have to know that we can do it that we do have what it takes to fulfill our dreams .. it is only then that we can reach our full potential ..
Have a positive mindset ! Think I can and I will ! Sometimes we do have to hear and think good about selves over and over again until we can receive and truly believe it for ourselves!

what we think we become

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Why and How I Should Blog In Business!


To be honest with you … Blogging is the secret sauce to your success in your direct sales company! What should blog about? Blog about how to be successful in a direct sales, how to find people to join your team, and blog about your products and service!
Blog as often as possible ! Share your Blog on all your social media outlets! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linked. On Facebook share in all of your groups!
Your Blog should be a minimum of 300 words or more and it should also contain at least one image. When title your Blog make sure it is searchable on google by using Google adwords.


There a few other tips I have for you about Blogging.
Write for yourself first and foremost .. Write about things that interest you and give you value. As if the most important reader you have is you!
Find out what your audience is interested in..
Your Blog should contain valuable information for you reader that would benefit them!
Your blog have great eye attracting images!
Do your research.. Learn more about topic so you have more information to share.
Be consistent make sure your blogging often… the more often the better.
Build an email list from your Blog .. use a clickable link for them to enter to receive more blogs!
Love your existing readers. provide more value love to them
Give stuff away!
Blog your way to success and gain more sales and recruits this way!

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How To Sell Better in your Avon Business

avon beauty boss
Selling Avon “Face to Face” is a very effective way to gain customers and build sales! I have some great tips for you from start to finish.
The most important part of getting more sales face to face is the amount of activity in reaching out to more people about your Avon business!
There are different ways to reach out to people some more effective then others.
The two types of reaching out are what I call Direct Sales and Indirect Sales!
Direct Selling \ is going to be your best way to build a strong customer base and a strong sales volume. It is the most effective way to sell..
The best way to get a customer is to get out of your house and talk to people face to face. When at the grocery store or shopping at a department store strike up a conversation through compliment and drive the conversation by asking questions and showing interest in your prospect. When you are listening to this other person you just need to make a bridge to gap with an Avon product or Avon experience … the Avon business opportunity! This is what we call direct marketing when you have your Avon Brochure and your directly talking to another person , your connecting with them unrelated to Avon to build trust and friendship and then finding a way to share your Avon Business with them! If we follow the 5 contacts 5 days out of the week. You will be building a strong business.
customer service
A couple more tips and techniques that are extremely important in direct sales!
You need to get some form of information from the person you are talking to because you need to follow up to get the sale and to get higher a sales order from them.
There is a saying the Fortune is in the Follow up! This is very true!
Make sure you are sending or giving them the next brochure each time to get a sale more frequently from each customer!
Indirect Selling is where you reach out through other forms of Advertising and Branding ..
brand yourself
Some Avon Representative do this through taking Avon Brochures and dropping them off at Businesses. There is a tossing method where you take older brochures and package them with literature for the opportunity and discounts ..
There is social media marketing where you promote and advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.. there are other social media outlets also ..
Other Indirect Marketing could be branding yourself with A company T shirt or hat..maybe a name badge! Branding your vehicle with a magnet and window decals .. window paint or chalk with Avon Estore link and of course making sure these branding methods have your name and email address/phone number is another great way to do indirect marketing.

One last thing .. Provide customer service ! You can do this by doing a small gift or by doing a frequent shopper card. Offer a service like teaching them makeup or skincare.. taking a measurement to get the right sizing on Avon Fashion.. people shop with those that do it better and offer more to them as a customer!
A word of encouragement.. Be patient and keeping trying.. We will fail our way to success. I want you to know that it is journey and not a race! Just keep working on yourself as a person and working at being a better giver in your business and you will succeed ! Face your FEARS and get out of comfort zone..
Action will stop your feelings of fear and you will find that you found no harm!
I believe in you so believe in yourself that you can achieve Success in your Business!

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Business Tips for a Busy Mom!

I will tell you I definitely know what it is like to build a business with kids!
I have six kids ! You have to become creative in the way you do life !
Here are my top tips for being successful in a home based business while taking care kids and having a family!

moms in business1
You have take time for yourself ! Whatever that looks like for you ! I personally like to do things that create relaxation .. Like I do take time to my makeup and I don’t rush.. I like to do my own nails, self-tan, and like to lighten my hair .. So I make time for these things.. I also like to go get my haircut and styled once every six weeks.

I become very detailed with my schedule.. and I have family meets to discuss what needs there are where people want to go so I can do what I need to do and still be a great mom and daughter to my elderly mother…

I have been told I should outsource for housework.. but currently it is not in the budget but I do delegate within my family and we all support each other ! WE also try to condense things!

My family is #1 to me so when I am with my family I am there 100% but my family also knows that when I am working they do have to fend for themselves. My daughters can cook and clean. I have one daughter old enough to drive ! There must be scheduled time .. for work and for play!

It is okay to say NO.. it doesn’t mean that will always be No ! but maybe it won’t be that time but rather someday in the future!

Prioritize your life ! Prioritize your Business ! Learning to create for yourself a to do list each day .. and keep to it and focus on it as best as possible! If it isn’t on the list than it doesn’t exist.. Keeping a planner is important also!

Make sure you are eating right and exercising .. Staying healthy because it is vital to doing life effectively in business and more importantly your family!

Last but definitely no least.. Don’t feel Guilty for working ! It is important to show to teach your kids how to be a strong woman and how to live life successfully .. You are doing this for your kids and one day the will understand and thank you for it !home based business

I am an independent Avon Representative if you are interesting in starting a home based business Avon is a great company for woman…
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Becoming A Rocking Awesome Avon Representative !

avon beauty boss
I personally love Avon !
I signed up to get my products at a discount ! To get what I already loved at a discount ! I get 40% off many of my favorites in my What’s New !
whats new
That in itself is enough of a reason to want to sign up !
NO quota in a year ! What company allows that you are not even required to buy anything except 1 time in a year ! I think what you find is that you will love the Avon products so much that you will definitely make that quota!
I buy all of my own skin care , clothing, shoes and health from myself ! I make my minimum for my leadership qualifications in just buying my own needs !
Than people see my fashion and makeup and and ask me where did get that ? I can than share with them that I bought them from myself!
On top of that I get to say … the best part is that I get to write a lot off my taxes ! So it is a win win for me!
Another thing Avon is fun! You meet Amazing new friends and you get to be a part of sisterhood ! There a lot of Great Avon Ladies … and Few Amazing Avon men!
I can tell you the sales if you just put yourself out there will come naturally if you just reach out a little ! It takes time .. Every business that starts up takes 3 to 5 years to make a profit … With Avon I can tell you that you will get that before those 3 years are up !
I would love to have you join my team ?! I would love to do life in Avon with you!
How much does it cost to sign up !
Not much at $25 and with your first order of $150 of signing up I will send you a gift for signing up for a limited time just for doing your first order and than you have pretty much have been refunded your investment in signing up !

I have been self-employed in business for over 30 years and i can definitely tell you I can help you and teach you how to succeed in Avon !
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Online Selling !

There are may different ways to sell ! I still think the most effective way to sell is to sell to our family and friends.. But today I share what I know and what I have researched on social selling.
The most astounding thing I have found it is that SEllING is still the same even on the Net.. Building new friendships and relationships on your social media Outlets is the best way to sell!
Liking and commenting other peoples posts will build relationships and connection. Being Focused on other person interests and posts is still the best way to show others that you are caring and serving person! People want to buy from those they love and trust! One my favorite people in my organization.. keeping it really Molly is noted and known for her its not always about you cupcake! Funny thing is the reason it became her thing is that she was trying teach herself this same thought and process about others ! Be others focused .. looking for needs and listening to other people!
building friendships onlne
Knowing your own products because you have used and see a difference in your life from them .. Then seeing a need and sharing a story or a testimonial of how it helped you !
Sharing other things besides what you are selling. Share what you love and be involved in groups of what you love! Getting involved in other people lives and reaching out in friendships! Not being a recluse.. Yes Online sales is in the comfort in your home but you do still have to reach out and make yourself visible.
How can you share yourself with the world online.
In order of amount of uses and the most influential is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest! What do you post ? it is always the 80/20 rule in posting ! Post 80% about things unrelated to business and 20% you can post your business. Find humorous memes and gifs to share. Animals are beloved and should be shared. I love my dog Maye so I love seeing posts about all kinds of Animals. Post about food .. recipes .. I love food. Post about Travel and beautiful places. Share life .. your family and your spouse with social media. Share your memories and your celebrations.
GO LIVE … why ? because it will expand your reach by leaps and bounds !

Email Marketing is a big deal.. Be creative make your own and share discounts and new items about your products offer incentives and sweepstakes. Provide value for buying from you! How will you say thank you for buying from you !
Bring the outside door to door into your network .. through your catalogs with website to link to you online!
Blogging I love to blog.. I look for things I am excited about and that I can share with others. It can be relatable topics to your type of business .. it can be how to do business well. It can be your story.. It can sometimes just be about whatever you love !
Be Inspirational bring love, light and life into another’s life! Quotes that build up others! Be encouraging and inspiring..
Keeping Negativity out of your social media.. Keeping the Political and Religion off your business social media ! Why? because your going to limit your reach in your business. Just be a positive and uplifting person ! Help People and Serve People!
Find out what is working online analytics.. What are people choosing to view and what posts are causing people to click that link!

Anti-aging Remedies for your Eyes .. Crepey + Saggy Lids and Crows feet !

Most women struggle with anti-aging issues with there under eye dark circles, sagging eyelids, crepey eyelids and with crows feet. To be honest these areas are a battle and take a lot of work to either minimize or reverse the look of aging.

I, from birth, have a hooded eye. I also have a family line of aging signs at early age to my eyes. I knew from the get go I needed to start young to be able to fight it.

This being a struggle and a fight to helping with Aging eyes I have become a student to all things pertaining to accomplishing younger looking eyes.
I have tried many products and many of them do not what I hope they will do for me. So I must take my anti aging tactics to a deeper internal resolution.

Recently I have been reading up anti-aging in general and I have to come to the understanding that to have the best skin that looks young and vibrant starts with what you are eating and drinking. What you are putting into your body.

Hydration is huge when it comes to skin because if you are dehydrated you will not be able to produce moisture in your skin the way you really want to!
Dryness creates an increased sign of aging on your skin. So drink plenty of water.

Of course we hear it all the time eat your fruits and vegetables but even more importantly for your skin you need to consume things that are full of antioxidants! Definitely you do your research on which foods are rich in antioxidants. Why Antioxidants because the protect your skin from free radicals and outside harmful elements that dry out your skin and damage it. A few top ones that I am aware of is Dark Chocolate, Pecans and Berries but there are many on this list. Clove, Oregano and Turmeric Herbs are also very high in antioxidants.
anti oxidants.jpg

Crepey Eyelids come from dryness and so they need to stay moisturized with high quality eye treatments I find that I really do like Avon’s Eye Creams and to be honest I consistently use the Pro Eyelift and the I also use the Anew clinical Line Eraser. The sun damages your eyes in so many ways so keep them covered up with Sunglasses and eye sunscreen.
crepey lid

Hellycrism with fractionated coconut oil in a special recipline as well as Ylang Ylang can reverse anti agings signs. Two parts oil to one part oil..
Her is a link to the oils that can help find some great oils to help with aging.

Summer Beauty Tips !

summer skin
My Top 8 beauty tips to have beautiful summer skin !

1. Hydrate , Hydrate, Hydrate !
Make sure your drinking lots of water ! Water is the best beauty tip I can give you. It cleanses and purifies your body daily and will help make your skin more beautiful ! You can actually drink to much water and it can be dangerous so keep to 8 to 10 ~ 8 oz glasses a day!

2. Scrubs to exfoliate all of your skin ! Avon has some good beauty scrubs which I will note but using olive oil and coconut oil mixed with brown and cane sugar or coffee along with some other fun ingredients can make some awesome scrubs. There are many great scrub recipes on the net! I will give you some simple great ones here also ! I personally use scrubs for my face and my body 2 to 3 times a week based on what my skin is needing and how I am feeling about my skin and what I think my skin is needing. Is my skin feeling dry or well moisturized?Don’t forget about exfoliating and doing a scrub on your face ! Also a great way to do this is with Avon’s Anew Clay Face Masks.
anew daily scrub

What scrubs do is get rid of dead skin so when you moisturize your skin with oils and lotions they will work better for you !
Avon Scrubs that personally love are their planet spa line !

Avon has a great Anew Face Scrub and the have a new assortment of Clay Masks!
anew clay masks
To find Avon Scrubs in my estore !
Avon Daily Scrub
Avon Clay Masks

A General Rule of thumb for a scrub recipe is
1/2 oil (olive or coconut oil )
1/2 sugar (brown sugar, cane sugar preferably organic)
and adding essentials oils of your choice there are so many amazing essentials oils and recipes that you could play with on pinterest with this to find your favorites!
sugar scrubs

3) Moisturize your skin with oils , lotions , and body butters.
Take baths that are relaxing with some bath oil at least once a week it will give your a great stress release and your heart, mind and skin will thank you !
After I shower I use oils directly to my skin and then I follow with a great moisturizing lotion.. Sometimes I will also follow with body butter on my knees and my elbows.
Coconuts oils are good to eat , moisturize your scalp,hair and your skin with !
Avocado oil has vitamin E which is great for your skin and nails
Olive oil fades scars and stretch marks
Avon has an amazing skin so soft line that has many oils and moisturizers
supreme nourisment tripleoils from avon
shea butter line
To find all of Avon Skin So Soft Skin Care
When you purchase oil make sure you buy unrefined, unpressed and unprocessed oil in its purest form

4) Fun in the sun is great but Sun is hard on your skin ! So if you’re hoping to tan with the sun I would strongly suggest a quality self tanner instead !
Sun speeds up aging effects like wrinkles and age spots ! It is better to use self tanner and just limit your time for fun in the sun as your swim and play!
Avon has a great Self Tanner and it is affordable.. new right now with Avon is…
avon flyers campaign 13
.. and it has a couple of items that i love that just came out .. a polish, the glow pray
To find all of Skin So Soft Glow Products
avon flyers campaign 13A
Another one of my favorite Self Tanners.. but a little on the pricey side !
is the St Tropez Self Tanner !
st tropaz self tanner

5) Sunscreen is important to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful . So before you go out to take in rays make sure you use some sun protection on your face and on your body as it’s important to be protecting yourself against harmful rays ! I like moisturizing and protecting my skin with coconut oil as it has natural properties to help protect and heal your skin ! I also put it in my hair to keep my scalp from burning and to keep my hair from drying out from the sun or the chlorine in a pool. I use about the size of silver dollar of coconut and start at the back nape of my hair and work up so the least amount is at the top front of my hair.
Avon has a great skin so soft sunscreen skin so soft sunscreen

6) keeping your lips moisturized and protected with sunscreen ! Apply often with a lip balm with spf. I also use coconut oil on my lips !
Avon Beyond Lip Color has a spf of 15 and it is amazing moisturizer !
avon beyond color lip conditioner
To find Avon’s Beyond Lip Color Moisturizer in my Store
7) Make sure to be eating things that promote skin health ! Eating fruits like blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and avocado and papaya are antioxidants sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are also great for your skin and forms of proteins in wild caught salmon, mackerel and herring ,and in eggs , sunflower seeds Vegetable that are great for you skin are dark leafy greens, orange peppers, peas , kale , and broccoli and even more! Did you know dark chocolate is good for your skin too! Beverages other than water that are great for skin are pomegranate, green tea, and red wine.
health fruits and vegetables
8) Mineral Makeup is great for the summer ! It doesn’t easily sweat off and can hand fun in the sun !
Avon has some great mineral products there smooth mineral blush is great and nicely pigmented !

To Find Smooth Minerals in my Estore

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How to choose a Lipstick Color that looks good on you!

mark lipstick.png
How do you choose a lipstick that looks great on you!
There are many many colors of lipstick in Avon. Avon also carries different finishes of lipstick such as matte and glossy!
There are so many colors so how do we pick !
One way to pick the best colors of lipstick is to base it on your skin tone.
IF you are fair your skin tone it is most common that you are a cool undertone with veins appearing blue in your wrists.
pink lips fair skin

If you are cool skin tones tones you will burn first before you tan. You look better in silver rather than gold jewelry. Lipstick shades that look good with cool skin tones have a blue or purple undertones such as a rich red or pinks. Purple undertones.
hot plum

If you are tan or olive complexion you are most likely a warm undertone. Your wrist will have appearing more green. You will easily tan in the summer and you look better in gold rather silver jewelry.

olive skin tone
Lipstick with orange undertones look good on you.
You want to go with more orang tones such as melons and orangey reds.

coral fever matte lipstick
Overall you wear lipstick because you want to feel beautiful and so you should pick wheat you feel the best color for you!
lipstick avon.jpg

How to approach people in your cold market with your Avon Products and Opportunity!

When you are new to direct sales and your new in your Avon business you may wonder what to say to your cold market? You may even be asking what is a cold market? A cold market is basically a total stranger! A person in your cold market is someone you never spoken to or seen before in your life.

How do you talk to or approach a total stranger about your Avon Products and or about the Avon opportunity! Warming up the cold contact is your first step.
People do business with people who they know and trust. The best way to talk to a cold market prospect is to warm them up first. Get to know them and make new friends! Always be thinking I need to make this about them and not me!
Being friendly and smiling it a great way to start in warming up a cold prospect! Being authentically interested in a person is showing that person that you are a caring person and it makes you likeable and attractive to someone else. Saying Hello with a smile.. asking a person how they are doing and meaning it shows a person that your are interested in them.. that you care about them!
direct sales smile
Giving a person value to their lives is also another great way to warm up a cold prospect. How do you give you value ? By authentically complimenting them on something that they can receive about themselves. A compliment builds up a positive and warm feeling inside that prospect.

You creating an Avon goodie bag with samples and coupons is also giving a person value.
avon sample packets.jpg
sales mean services
You then proceed to say ” I am new to Avon and I would like to able to see what you think of these products you are sampling would that be okay? or you could offer more value to them by saying I am doing a sweepstakes right now and you don’t have to buy anything to enter. The sweepstakes offer you these product for free if you win.
Show them a picture or flyer of what you are giving away. I would love to enter you in my sweepstakes would that be okay with you? I would need some to have you information to get back with you on that. I provide them with slips for them to fill out with there name and contact information. Be sure to have a picture with you so that they can associate and get the vision of what you are offering them. In doing this sweepstakes you now have a way to follow up on your books and I would announce the winner on your facebook and through text!
april sweepstakes
The best way to reach out to your market about your products and services is to go about it thinking how can I be of service to my customers.
Being a great listener finding out what your customers needs and wants. Having samples for them to try. After acquiring your customers having great customer service offering discounts and giving extra gifts to your customers is a great service. Showing your customers how to use a product to help them Sharing with them products you think they would like! Bringing value to their lives!
When you are looking find people who are interested in selling avon and building a team educate yourself to know how to help them do sales and how to talk to people how to make money in their business.
customer service
If you are looking for a direct sales company to work with and you would like to join me on business journey with Avon ..
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