Why and How I Should Blog In Business!


To be honest with you … Blogging is the secret sauce to your success in your direct sales company! What should blog about? Blog about how to be successful in a direct sales, how to find people to join your team, and blog about your products and service!
Blog as often as possible ! Share your Blog on all your social media outlets! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linked. On Facebook share in all of your groups!
Your Blog should be a minimum of 300 words or more and it should also contain at least one image. When title your Blog make sure it is searchable on google by using Google adwords.


There a few other tips I have for you about Blogging.
Write for yourself first and foremost .. Write about things that interest you and give you value. As if the most important reader you have is you!
Find out what your audience is interested in..
Your Blog should contain valuable information for you reader that would benefit them!
Your blog have great eye attracting images!
Do your research.. Learn more about topic so you have more information to share.
Be consistent make sure your blogging often… the more often the better.
Build an email list from your Blog .. use a clickable link for them to enter to receive more blogs!
Love your existing readers. provide more value love to them
Give stuff away!
Blog your way to success and gain more sales and recruits this way!

I am an independent Avon Representative if you are interested in viewing my web store please go to

If you would like to become a beauty boss an start your own Avon Business !

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