How To Sell Better in your Avon Business

avon beauty boss
Selling Avon “Face to Face” is a very effective way to gain customers and build sales! I have some great tips for you from start to finish.
The most important part of getting more sales face to face is the amount of activity in reaching out to more people about your Avon business!
There are different ways to reach out to people some more effective then others.
The two types of reaching out are what I call Direct Sales and Indirect Sales!
Direct Selling \ is going to be your best way to build a strong customer base and a strong sales volume. It is the most effective way to sell..
The best way to get a customer is to get out of your house and talk to people face to face. When at the grocery store or shopping at a department store strike up a conversation through compliment and drive the conversation by asking questions and showing interest in your prospect. When you are listening to this other person you just need to make a bridge to gap with an Avon product or Avon experience … the Avon business opportunity! This is what we call direct marketing when you have your Avon Brochure and your directly talking to another person , your connecting with them unrelated to Avon to build trust and friendship and then finding a way to share your Avon Business with them! If we follow the 5 contacts 5 days out of the week. You will be building a strong business.
customer service
A couple more tips and techniques that are extremely important in direct sales!
You need to get some form of information from the person you are talking to because you need to follow up to get the sale and to get higher a sales order from them.
There is a saying the Fortune is in the Follow up! This is very true!
Make sure you are sending or giving them the next brochure each time to get a sale more frequently from each customer!
Indirect Selling is where you reach out through other forms of Advertising and Branding ..
brand yourself
Some Avon Representative do this through taking Avon Brochures and dropping them off at Businesses. There is a tossing method where you take older brochures and package them with literature for the opportunity and discounts ..
There is social media marketing where you promote and advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.. there are other social media outlets also ..
Other Indirect Marketing could be branding yourself with A company T shirt or hat..maybe a name badge! Branding your vehicle with a magnet and window decals .. window paint or chalk with Avon Estore link and of course making sure these branding methods have your name and email address/phone number is another great way to do indirect marketing.

One last thing .. Provide customer service ! You can do this by doing a small gift or by doing a frequent shopper card. Offer a service like teaching them makeup or skincare.. taking a measurement to get the right sizing on Avon Fashion.. people shop with those that do it better and offer more to them as a customer!
A word of encouragement.. Be patient and keeping trying.. We will fail our way to success. I want you to know that it is journey and not a race! Just keep working on yourself as a person and working at being a better giver in your business and you will succeed ! Face your FEARS and get out of comfort zone..
Action will stop your feelings of fear and you will find that you found no harm!
I believe in you so believe in yourself that you can achieve Success in your Business!

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