Business Tips for a Busy Mom!

I will tell you I definitely know what it is like to build a business with kids!
I have six kids ! You have to become creative in the way you do life !
Here are my top tips for being successful in a home based business while taking care kids and having a family!

moms in business1
You have take time for yourself ! Whatever that looks like for you ! I personally like to do things that create relaxation .. Like I do take time to my makeup and I don’t rush.. I like to do my own nails, self-tan, and like to lighten my hair .. So I make time for these things.. I also like to go get my haircut and styled once every six weeks.

I become very detailed with my schedule.. and I have family meets to discuss what needs there are where people want to go so I can do what I need to do and still be a great mom and daughter to my elderly mother…

I have been told I should outsource for housework.. but currently it is not in the budget but I do delegate within my family and we all support each other ! WE also try to condense things!

My family is #1 to me so when I am with my family I am there 100% but my family also knows that when I am working they do have to fend for themselves. My daughters can cook and clean. I have one daughter old enough to drive ! There must be scheduled time .. for work and for play!

It is okay to say NO.. it doesn’t mean that will always be No ! but maybe it won’t be that time but rather someday in the future!

Prioritize your life ! Prioritize your Business ! Learning to create for yourself a to do list each day .. and keep to it and focus on it as best as possible! If it isn’t on the list than it doesn’t exist.. Keeping a planner is important also!

Make sure you are eating right and exercising .. Staying healthy because it is vital to doing life effectively in business and more importantly your family!

Last but definitely no least.. Don’t feel Guilty for working ! It is important to show to teach your kids how to be a strong woman and how to live life successfully .. You are doing this for your kids and one day the will understand and thank you for it !home based business

I am an independent Avon Representative if you are interesting in starting a home based business Avon is a great company for woman…
If you would like to with me and learn business and become a successful working mom.. Please go ahead and sign up , get your kit and we will get your started !
This is a direct link to sign up for your business on my website !

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