Online Selling !

There are may different ways to sell ! I still think the most effective way to sell is to sell to our family and friends.. But today I share what I know and what I have researched on social selling.
The most astounding thing I have found it is that SEllING is still the same even on the Net.. Building new friendships and relationships on your social media Outlets is the best way to sell!
Liking and commenting other peoples posts will build relationships and connection. Being Focused on other person interests and posts is still the best way to show others that you are caring and serving person! People want to buy from those they love and trust! One my favorite people in my organization.. keeping it really Molly is noted and known for her its not always about you cupcake! Funny thing is the reason it became her thing is that she was trying teach herself this same thought and process about others ! Be others focused .. looking for needs and listening to other people!
building friendships onlne
Knowing your own products because you have used and see a difference in your life from them .. Then seeing a need and sharing a story or a testimonial of how it helped you !
Sharing other things besides what you are selling. Share what you love and be involved in groups of what you love! Getting involved in other people lives and reaching out in friendships! Not being a recluse.. Yes Online sales is in the comfort in your home but you do still have to reach out and make yourself visible.
How can you share yourself with the world online.
In order of amount of uses and the most influential is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest! What do you post ? it is always the 80/20 rule in posting ! Post 80% about things unrelated to business and 20% you can post your business. Find humorous memes and gifs to share. Animals are beloved and should be shared. I love my dog Maye so I love seeing posts about all kinds of Animals. Post about food .. recipes .. I love food. Post about Travel and beautiful places. Share life .. your family and your spouse with social media. Share your memories and your celebrations.
GO LIVE … why ? because it will expand your reach by leaps and bounds !

Email Marketing is a big deal.. Be creative make your own and share discounts and new items about your products offer incentives and sweepstakes. Provide value for buying from you! How will you say thank you for buying from you !
Bring the outside door to door into your network .. through your catalogs with website to link to you online!
Blogging I love to blog.. I look for things I am excited about and that I can share with others. It can be relatable topics to your type of business .. it can be how to do business well. It can be your story.. It can sometimes just be about whatever you love !
Be Inspirational bring love, light and life into another’s life! Quotes that build up others! Be encouraging and inspiring..
Keeping Negativity out of your social media.. Keeping the Political and Religion off your business social media ! Why? because your going to limit your reach in your business. Just be a positive and uplifting person ! Help People and Serve People!
Find out what is working online analytics.. What are people choosing to view and what posts are causing people to click that link!

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