Becoming A Rocking Awesome Avon Representative !

avon beauty boss
I personally love Avon !
I signed up to get my products at a discount ! To get what I already loved at a discount ! I get 40% off many of my favorites in my What’s New !
whats new
That in itself is enough of a reason to want to sign up !
NO quota in a year ! What company allows that you are not even required to buy anything except 1 time in a year ! I think what you find is that you will love the Avon products so much that you will definitely make that quota!
I buy all of my own skin care , clothing, shoes and health from myself ! I make my minimum for my leadership qualifications in just buying my own needs !
Than people see my fashion and makeup and and ask me where did get that ? I can than share with them that I bought them from myself!
On top of that I get to say … the best part is that I get to write a lot off my taxes ! So it is a win win for me!
Another thing Avon is fun! You meet Amazing new friends and you get to be a part of sisterhood ! There a lot of Great Avon Ladies … and Few Amazing Avon men!
I can tell you the sales if you just put yourself out there will come naturally if you just reach out a little ! It takes time .. Every business that starts up takes 3 to 5 years to make a profit … With Avon I can tell you that you will get that before those 3 years are up !
I would love to have you join my team ?! I would love to do life in Avon with you!
How much does it cost to sign up !
Not much at $25 and with your first order of $150 of signing up I will send you a gift for signing up for a limited time just for doing your first order and than you have pretty much have been refunded your investment in signing up !

I have been self-employed in business for over 30 years and i can definitely tell you I can help you and teach you how to succeed in Avon !
To start buying Avon at discount and or selling Avon to pay for your Avon to get it free click here at my website to a direct link !

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