Summer Beauty Tips !

summer skin
My Top 8 beauty tips to have beautiful summer skin !

1. Hydrate , Hydrate, Hydrate !
Make sure your drinking lots of water ! Water is the best beauty tip I can give you. It cleanses and purifies your body daily and will help make your skin more beautiful ! You can actually drink to much water and it can be dangerous so keep to 8 to 10 ~ 8 oz glasses a day!

2. Scrubs to exfoliate all of your skin ! Avon has some good beauty scrubs which I will note but using olive oil and coconut oil mixed with brown and cane sugar or coffee along with some other fun ingredients can make some awesome scrubs. There are many great scrub recipes on the net! I will give you some simple great ones here also ! I personally use scrubs for my face and my body 2 to 3 times a week based on what my skin is needing and how I am feeling about my skin and what I think my skin is needing. Is my skin feeling dry or well moisturized?Don’t forget about exfoliating and doing a scrub on your face ! Also a great way to do this is with Avon’s Anew Clay Face Masks.
anew daily scrub

What scrubs do is get rid of dead skin so when you moisturize your skin with oils and lotions they will work better for you !
Avon Scrubs that personally love are their planet spa line !

Avon has a great Anew Face Scrub and the have a new assortment of Clay Masks!
anew clay masks
To find Avon Scrubs in my estore !
Avon Daily Scrub
Avon Clay Masks

A General Rule of thumb for a scrub recipe is
1/2 oil (olive or coconut oil )
1/2 sugar (brown sugar, cane sugar preferably organic)
and adding essentials oils of your choice there are so many amazing essentials oils and recipes that you could play with on pinterest with this to find your favorites!
sugar scrubs

3) Moisturize your skin with oils , lotions , and body butters.
Take baths that are relaxing with some bath oil at least once a week it will give your a great stress release and your heart, mind and skin will thank you !
After I shower I use oils directly to my skin and then I follow with a great moisturizing lotion.. Sometimes I will also follow with body butter on my knees and my elbows.
Coconuts oils are good to eat , moisturize your scalp,hair and your skin with !
Avocado oil has vitamin E which is great for your skin and nails
Olive oil fades scars and stretch marks
Avon has an amazing skin so soft line that has many oils and moisturizers
supreme nourisment tripleoils from avon
shea butter line
To find all of Avon Skin So Soft Skin Care
When you purchase oil make sure you buy unrefined, unpressed and unprocessed oil in its purest form

4) Fun in the sun is great but Sun is hard on your skin ! So if you’re hoping to tan with the sun I would strongly suggest a quality self tanner instead !
Sun speeds up aging effects like wrinkles and age spots ! It is better to use self tanner and just limit your time for fun in the sun as your swim and play!
Avon has a great Self Tanner and it is affordable.. new right now with Avon is…
avon flyers campaign 13
.. and it has a couple of items that i love that just came out .. a polish, the glow pray
To find all of Skin So Soft Glow Products
avon flyers campaign 13A
Another one of my favorite Self Tanners.. but a little on the pricey side !
is the St Tropez Self Tanner !
st tropaz self tanner

5) Sunscreen is important to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful . So before you go out to take in rays make sure you use some sun protection on your face and on your body as it’s important to be protecting yourself against harmful rays ! I like moisturizing and protecting my skin with coconut oil as it has natural properties to help protect and heal your skin ! I also put it in my hair to keep my scalp from burning and to keep my hair from drying out from the sun or the chlorine in a pool. I use about the size of silver dollar of coconut and start at the back nape of my hair and work up so the least amount is at the top front of my hair.
Avon has a great skin so soft sunscreen skin so soft sunscreen

6) keeping your lips moisturized and protected with sunscreen ! Apply often with a lip balm with spf. I also use coconut oil on my lips !
Avon Beyond Lip Color has a spf of 15 and it is amazing moisturizer !
avon beyond color lip conditioner
To find Avon’s Beyond Lip Color Moisturizer in my Store
7) Make sure to be eating things that promote skin health ! Eating fruits like blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and avocado and papaya are antioxidants sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are also great for your skin and forms of proteins in wild caught salmon, mackerel and herring ,and in eggs , sunflower seeds Vegetable that are great for you skin are dark leafy greens, orange peppers, peas , kale , and broccoli and even more! Did you know dark chocolate is good for your skin too! Beverages other than water that are great for skin are pomegranate, green tea, and red wine.
health fruits and vegetables
8) Mineral Makeup is great for the summer ! It doesn’t easily sweat off and can hand fun in the sun !
Avon has some great mineral products there smooth mineral blush is great and nicely pigmented !

To Find Smooth Minerals in my Estore

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