How to choose a Lipstick Color that looks good on you!

mark lipstick.png
How do you choose a lipstick that looks great on you!
There are many many colors of lipstick in Avon. Avon also carries different finishes of lipstick such as matte and glossy!
There are so many colors so how do we pick !
One way to pick the best colors of lipstick is to base it on your skin tone.
IF you are fair your skin tone it is most common that you are a cool undertone with veins appearing blue in your wrists.
pink lips fair skin

If you are cool skin tones tones you will burn first before you tan. You look better in silver rather than gold jewelry. Lipstick shades that look good with cool skin tones have a blue or purple undertones such as a rich red or pinks. Purple undertones.
hot plum

If you are tan or olive complexion you are most likely a warm undertone. Your wrist will have appearing more green. You will easily tan in the summer and you look better in gold rather silver jewelry.

olive skin tone
Lipstick with orange undertones look good on you.
You want to go with more orang tones such as melons and orangey reds.

coral fever matte lipstick
Overall you wear lipstick because you want to feel beautiful and so you should pick wheat you feel the best color for you!
lipstick avon.jpg

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