How to approach people in your cold market with your Avon Products and Opportunity!

When you are new to direct sales and your new in your Avon business you may wonder what to say to your cold market? You may even be asking what is a cold market? A cold market is basically a total stranger! A person in your cold market is someone you never spoken to or seen before in your life.

How do you talk to or approach a total stranger about your Avon Products and or about the Avon opportunity! Warming up the cold contact is your first step.
People do business with people who they know and trust. The best way to talk to a cold market prospect is to warm them up first. Get to know them and make new friends! Always be thinking I need to make this about them and not me!
Being friendly and smiling it a great way to start in warming up a cold prospect! Being authentically interested in a person is showing that person that you are a caring person and it makes you likeable and attractive to someone else. Saying Hello with a smile.. asking a person how they are doing and meaning it shows a person that your are interested in them.. that you care about them!
direct sales smile
Giving a person value to their lives is also another great way to warm up a cold prospect. How do you give you value ? By authentically complimenting them on something that they can receive about themselves. A compliment builds up a positive and warm feeling inside that prospect.

You creating an Avon goodie bag with samples and coupons is also giving a person value.
avon sample packets.jpg
sales mean services
You then proceed to say ” I am new to Avon and I would like to able to see what you think of these products you are sampling would that be okay? or you could offer more value to them by saying I am doing a sweepstakes right now and you don’t have to buy anything to enter. The sweepstakes offer you these product for free if you win.
Show them a picture or flyer of what you are giving away. I would love to enter you in my sweepstakes would that be okay with you? I would need some to have you information to get back with you on that. I provide them with slips for them to fill out with there name and contact information. Be sure to have a picture with you so that they can associate and get the vision of what you are offering them. In doing this sweepstakes you now have a way to follow up on your books and I would announce the winner on your facebook and through text!
april sweepstakes
The best way to reach out to your market about your products and services is to go about it thinking how can I be of service to my customers.
Being a great listener finding out what your customers needs and wants. Having samples for them to try. After acquiring your customers having great customer service offering discounts and giving extra gifts to your customers is a great service. Showing your customers how to use a product to help them Sharing with them products you think they would like! Bringing value to their lives!
When you are looking find people who are interested in selling avon and building a team educate yourself to know how to help them do sales and how to talk to people how to make money in their business.
customer service
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