Online Sales and Marketing !

I just came back from a Network Marketing Training Seminar and I learned a lot !
I learned new Online Sales methods and was wanting to share with you what I learned !
You want to be posting daily on your social media networks !
1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Twitter
4. Pinterest
Daily post on your social media platforms because over time you will be gathering a following !
Going live on facebook raises your organic reach. Meaning that Facebook will shine a light down on your profile because your going live! This light will help your business to grow substantially.
Post good content. Post 2-3 times a day spread out and consistent .
Don’t be spammy or salesy rather post about your lifestyle and current events. Post motivational and inspirational material. Post about you and what you love because in this your creating your brand! This all falls into the category falls under the category of attractive marketing. You are attracting like minded people to yourself who will be able to connect with you and will eventually buy from or want to work on your team for your company.
Instagram has specific feature called “Story” use this feature to share yourself as being a normal human being and very relatable. One particular example that was given was putting a photo on instagram under story as you spilled your cup of coffee people relate to you because they spill their coffee too! Which makes you reachable and connectable.
For every 7 post of content only 1 should be a product that you sell rather share other things of value.
Pinterest is great way to post all things related to your company and then some.
Post what your interested and post about your business. This can be as many as you would like !
Get involved with groups and make friends and new connections!
Connect locally to where you live and also connect with groups that have things that you are into or interested in !
Blogging motivational , inspiration , business and more ..
Email Marketing .. Getting emails is key to your success is well. Offer free giveaways and free ebooks or sweepstakes if they register and sign up!
Messenger on Facebook as friends first .. Get new friends by liking three things and then adding as a friend. Build a large friends list and a large following on all social media platforms.
online pictures
post good content

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