Facebook to grow your business!

Facebook is an awesome social media platform to grow your direct sales marketing business!
Posting daily is important growing your online business.
Posting good and positive and lifestyle posts is what you need to focus on and a little bit of the time posting about your business once and a while !
But are you posts being seen?
Your organic reach is important to others seeing what you post!
A good way to do this is by messaging people ..
Create a positive vibe by liking posts on their timeline and then be bold and enter in to a conversation !
Start by saying hi and complimenting something you saw on their timeline.
I know this is crazy but… I noticed you coming through my news feed a lot and just wanted to say that I really … compliment ..
Or I heard one person say she sings happy birthday through messenger to starting getting a strong reaction..
you could follow that compliment by saying I noticed you get a lot of likes on your posts and seem to really have a great following you would be really great at what I do for work…
Let them ask what do you for work they are going to spy out your page for sure..
Then if they don’t already bring it up because in some cases they will ask would be open to earning some side money along with what you’re doing now!?
They may say yes they may say no but either way they way they are going to get you closer to the yeses!

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