Pedi Perfect Feet !

Give yourself the perfect pedicure at home !
You can use one of the handy dandy foot spas at walmart or you can use the tub!
Get some hot water but not too hot water going into the tub/spa where you going to soak your feet..
While it is filling up remove your nail polish with acetone and cut and shape your nails they way you would like.
pedicure tool set
Pour some Footworks Lavender Pampering Oil 3~1 to soak your feet and soak your feet!
The cool thing about Footworks 3~1 Pampering Oil has a cuticle remover as a feature for the product !
Grab a magazine and let your feet soak for about 10 to 15 minutes !
Upon pulling your foot out of the water!

Brush your toenails with the brush side to remove dead skin !
Then use the Foot Scrub to really scrub your feet to exfoliate to help remove the calluses and rough spots on your feet
Footworks has a Avon Foot Works Pumice Cream
Avon Footworks Pumice Cream
Use a foot scrub and follow pedicure massage techniques as you apply the cream.
Focus a lot on all the rough spots that need attention. This will help you soften as well as exfoliate the feet.
A pumice part of the tool is a great way of softening and treating your rugged, rough feet!
Remove both your feet slowly from the tub and dry them using a clean towel.
Take an orangewood stick and thrust your cuticles carefully on the toe nail. Ensure their suppleness and softness.
orange stick
You may also paint the toenails. In order to do that, use toe separators.
toe serators
Put a base coat on your nails is a great idea. A base coat which is a bit opaque is a good idea because it provides robustness to the nail and prevents breakage.

Now apply your favorite shade of nail polish. Allow the initial coat to dry off. Repeat the process on the other feet and repeat.

Here is beautiful set of Toes that have been pedicured with Avon Products !
avon pedicure.jpg

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