How to get you New Avon Customers!

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finding customers
How to find more customers with Avon !

Be sure to order the current brochures and make sure you order plenty.
If you don’t have any current Avon brochures you don’t have an open store!
What do you do with Brochures ?
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Put them In Businesses, Doctors offices, hair salons, gyms and schools the list goes on!
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Don’t throw brochures away when and if you don’t get them all out. You can toss them in driveways and you can put them in newspaper boxes. Avon sells literature bags in their tools section for you to put them in!
tossing avon books
Take Three Current Brochures with goodies in them and pass on 3 to five a day.
Make sure your asking for follow up information because the fortune is in the follow up!..
Dialogue could be ” Hello .. wow I really love … (compliment them authentically) Smile at People ! Ask how they are doing? make a connection and find a way to bridge or connect your Avon business with your conversation with them!
You know what I have a goodie bag with Samples in my person I would love for you to have it..
brochure goodie bags This could be something you might say to ask for followup information .. I was wondering I am doing a contest right now would you like to put in for it could I have your information so I could let you know when they order is going in and to see if you would like anything .. a phone number and/or and email would be great thanks! and make sure you follow up.. you will grow sales this way..
fortune is in the follow up
Did you make your contact list of all your friends and family .. this is what you call your warm market! Share with them you are now a Avon Representative and would be they interested in receiving a Avon Brochure?
memory jogger list
Don’t let NO’s upset you! Did you know in Sales that the national average for any direct sales is 1 out of 10 say yes! That is a statistic for all salespeople so your not alone and it is just how it is .. Try not to see it as they saying not to you but rather they are saying no to Avon.. it is okay Next ..
Your Avon Store is wear you should be shopping for you Makeup , your skincare, and your clothes/jewelry.. Buying from another departments instead of your own store doesn’t benefit you! Ross and Marshalls isn’t going to pay you for selling Avon.. If you are buying from yourself you will begin to learn your products and be passionate about them. Take pictures of yourself using and wearing your Avon products so that you can share with others online in social media Model your outfits and Do a before and after of your health and beauty products!

Know your product line so you can share it with others .. Be a good listener to fill a need or want they might have!
Give out of lots of samples to customers and be sure to follow up on your samples

Make sure you are wearing a smile and looking professional in your business.
Be wearing your Avon T shirt and having your car with your business branding on you .

Customers are not going to call you. it is your responsibility as the Avon Representative to call them and see if they want to place an order with you!
Call every customer every time!
Use your Avon Email Marketing and send emails to all the emails you have ! to give them a special deal.
Use your social media outlets. Create a Facebook Business Page and A customer group pages. Get involved in groups on facebook to build your business.
Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Use Avon Social Selling on your avon portal
selling onlinesocial media business
Be blogging about your opportunity and your products. Do beauty blogs or fashion blogs or health and wellness.
Go live and do youtubes videos
get involved on groups on line!
Have a Facebook Party ! Online and or in Person! Give the person a discount on order they acquire !

Make Avon Baskets and sell them!
avon basket1
Put out your business cards on community boards and the library. Put your business cards anywhere and everywhere you can!
avon business card1
Be Inventive and Creative in your business research. Look for ways on your own to build and grow in your Avon Business !
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