Give Value , Give Value , Give Value ! Sell!

direct sales
How do you get more sales? Whenever you want to sell product or services it is a good thing to keep in mind the idea of giving first before asking for that sales. In order to get repeat sales it is a great idea to give three times as much as you ask for the sell.
give then ask for business
How are you providing value to a customer or prospective customer in order to want to buy from you ? Why not buy from anyone .. giving them a reason to buy from you first and foremost is important to repeat sales. There are plenty other salespeople that are willing to sell to them so it is a good idea to have their mind gravitate towards you ! This literally works for all direct sales.
I want to give you an example of what I mean. Whenever I go out prospecting or looking to sell I give a lot of samples and coupons for things.. Online I give deals , special offers and giveaways in emails that subscribe to my website.
Email Marketing is a great way online to give to be asking for selling.
In person I create sample brochure goodie bags to give to people when I see them and then I hope they they will give me their information by asking if they want to be entered into a sweepstakes or sometimes I ask if it would be okay if I could follow up on the samples to see what they thought about them.
brochure goodie bags

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