Tips and Tricks to applying Nail Polish!

Avon Nailwear Pro+ (1)
After reviewing a few different resources on tips and tricks on how to apply nail polish effectively I have got some pretty cool fun things for you to try and do.
One of the tips is before applying the nail polish it is great idea to clean your nails with Vinegar before applying ! It helps with how the nail polish lays on your finger nails.
vinigar nail polish
Always put on a base coat because it helps the nail enamel adhere to your nails and it makes the nail polish last longer and not peel off as quickly ..
apply a base coat
Before applying nail polish a no fail way to polish your nails is to add elmer’s glue around the nail and let it dry so when you paint nails and after drying them all you have to do is peel off the glue and wah lah “perfection”.
elmers glue 2
When you are applying your nail polish you only need three strokes. Put a bead of nail polish in the middle back of your nail and brush the one stroke down the center and one on the right and one on the left. Let the brush do the work brusk for you !
nail polish in three strokes
To dry your nails quickly. Apply Quick Dry Coat from Avon and air dry your nails for about 1 minute then take your air dry nails and stick your them into a bowl of cold ice water for another couple nails and they will dry quickly.
dry nails instantly.jpg
quick dry nail polish
After applying your nail polish generously put cuticle conditioner on your cuticles.

You should keep nail polish on for about two to three weeks before changing it !
Have fun painting your nails with these new tips and techniques !
avon gel finish

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