Organizing your Jewelry!

I love Jewelry so much ! I have so many beautiful jewelry items my husband gives me and then I also buy a lot of other jewelry for myself !
I do have a lot of Avon but also have many other brands and styles as well!
I had to even come up with an organizational system so that I could wear more of them often and so I created a rotation system so they be more available to me !
My necklaces were always getting tangled and I could not find matching studs.

I love a lot of rings and I really love this youtube tutorial on how to make a ring holder or for cuff bracelets .. super nice ! check it out!

Now I do love my necklace display so I will share my my personal pictures here
this is how I store all my necklaces as you can see I am actually running out of space time to make more room for more !

For my earrings I took cork boards and organized all of my earrings to be matching and i created these boards !

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