Jewelry and Accessories from Avon!

I try to purchase as many Avon Jewelry pieces as I can so I can model them for customers so they can see what they would like a person !
some of my favorites with photos I have pictured here !
One of my favorites is the breast cancer awareness necklace It is all white pink and dark pink stones it is a statement necklace and I love that as well1
This piece is not longer available for purchase because if it was I would probably buy another just to have but it sold out very quickly!
rachel pictureAvon Breast Cancer C21 Statement Bling Necklace
Another piece that has sold in that past that I loved was a necklace from markmark jewerly
here is another picture
Now Avon is always coming up with beautiful pieces of jewelry that I just love and have to have … and soon there will be even more for sale
IN Campaign 11 there is new jewelry coming around the horizon no doubt in my mind that they will sell out rather quickly
So here is some current that you can still get for a shore time !

There are so many I love as far as pieces
The Pop of Red is another one of my favorites !
There are other simple choices as well I love the seaside collection
Necklace Earring and Bracelet Here

And in our current Brochure 9 for mothers day they have a simple but beautiful set very reasonably prices!

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