Sales Tips and Techniques!

Sales Tips and Techniques for your Direct Sales Business!
Sales are important; it is what makes the world go round !
Sales is the highest paid position in job positions because if they can’t sell a product they can’t have a business. If you think about brands that you buy everyday these each of have top notch salespeople in their company!
The cool thing is when you direct sales you are selling for your personal income and from your personal store!
So I study on a daily basis how I can improve my sales and today I went to a few sources and I would like to share with you some of my favorite top tips!
#1 You have to know your product! You need to use your products because it is from passion and excitement that you can sell well! People can tell whether you believe in what you are selling !
#2 Communicating well is a key important ingredient when you are speaking to a customer! Simple, Quick and clear is important because confusion is one of the top reasons you will get no!
#3 It is all about your presentation .. how your present yourself first then of course how you represent and present your products and services ! Are you smiling? Are you excited? Are you confident! Do you have posture and belief in yourself and what you have to offer? These are important! Are you kind and are you humble? Do you know what you are taking about … practice practice and more practice.
Memorize what you want to say and practice what you want to say!
#4 Know your client .. To present well it is important to know your customer. What is their top list of needs and wants with what you are selling. Being a great listener means you asking great questions. It shows your client your interested in them and that your pinpointing your sales approach directly towards what they want and need.
#5 Getting the Sale How you achieve the sale is a sensitive concept. Being clear about what and how the product benefits them in a understandable way and specific way is a great way to get the sale. If your getting a no they need more info without argument The customer is always right and they just need more understanding about your product or service and how it benefits them.

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