Quick Recruiting Tips !

You want to build a Team here are my top quick tips!
#1 Have Posture!
Best way to explain posture is that image of someone slouching or bending over ! If you stand up straight you look confident and if you slouch it gives that appearance of down oneself. A person with posture is confident and strong balanced self-images. They believe in themselves and they are confident of what they have to offer! Don’t let anyone put you down you do that by how you hold yourself ! Be kind but be assertive and strong!
#2 Be Bolder ! Step out of your comfort zone! Get out among the people ! Talk to people and share with people! Make friend and meet new people ! Bust through fear be strong and be bold .. Be bold ten times more than you are at this moment!
#3 Get the yes by finding out what they need and being the solution and getting them to see how your company is the solution ..
You need this – we have this for you!
#4 Get a Mentor or Coach
Someone who has succeeded in this business and connect with them get close to them and be there friend and absorb all that you can from them! So you can succeed too!

these images are from a top network marketer they are not mine!

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