Online direct selling

There are some key practices and tools that will help you will online direct sales !
1) Blogging about your products and services daily and consistently !
Give value to prospective customers and team members ! Blogging is important in driving sales!
2) Be Unique ! Creative !Create and design your own images to provide quality content on social media
3) Email Marketing . Through your business Offer sweepstakes and giveaways that people can enter to get email addresses that you can use to keep connected to your customers and to offer incentives to buy from you. It is your way to ask for the sale. Email Marketing is a key component of online sales because this is the way you follow up online.
4) A online presence through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pinterest. Go live to connect with others and to drive your business to the top of other business as far organic reach.
5) Facebook promotional ads to drive customers to you by target marketing and also by good content that will be received and liked
6) Get involved in social media groups
7) Attractive marketing on social media don’t be spammy rather introduce yourself to the world by sharing who you are.
8) Being consistent on social posting daily 2-3 days a time is key to get noticed not always asking for the sale but rather offering value in your market to your customers and to those who like your page and apart of your customer group.
selling online.jpg

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