Recruiting Tips and Techniques!

Recruiting just like sales has a 1 out of 10 national ratio!
This means that out of 10 people you ask if they are interested in your business opportunity only 1 is going to say yes!
Are their ways we can improve that ratio? Yes for sure there are ways that are much more effective in recruiting that will give you a better ratio!
#1 I would have to say my tips to getting more yeses is by being particular in who are you talking to! Most direct sales companies will tell you that never prejudge who you think would be interested in your opportunity! I think we think this through our fear factor we think they mean just to ask everyone. Yes for sure you ask everyone because again the more you ask the more your going to get a yes! What I think they are trying to show you is that those ones on the scary list the successful people like business owners, realtors or doctors or people that are in higher positions at work are your best prospects.
I am saying that these individuals already have the mindset that is understanding of what you are trying to build .. they get you ! They want more too! Will they say yes to your opportunity not necessarily but they will and I can bet that they will be kinder to you as they say it is not for them and what you might find out it is that you get a better ratio of yeses to nos. Pick quality people to ask! When you go to a restaurant and see the community boards pick the business cards from the tacs and use them as a prospects to your call list! Driving down the street do you see a realtor sign call the realtors ! People in a prospect business where they have to find people to buy their items or their service are great prospects to talk to !
#2 Don’t say to much ! I read a lot of books from Eric Worre who is a from the books Network Marketing Pro! I strongly suggest you get his book and listen to it ! Take his training ! He teaches how to approach a hot, cold or warm prospect! A great way to start out any conversation is a smile and how are you doing today! Compliment them authentically. Establish a F.O.R.M of communication with them! What is the F.O.R.M it is an acronym how to talk to someone you just met
Family ~ Occupation ~ Recreation ~ Money
Share something about your family and then ask them about their family! Ask them what do you do for a living? what is there occupation? they will most likely ask you what you do ! Then go right what do they do for fun? Ask questions and listen to answers find a way to bridge (finding the connection between two things) what they are sharing to what you have to offer ! ex. I wish I could take more trips … Wow Avon Or your personal company )has given away x and x amount of trips for free to there Avon Representatives
Don’t offer everything there is to know about your business or go into any details about the business .. find out there why or need and fill it !
#3 Advertising a lot in this business. When you put together a Avon book packet to put out it should always have a recruiting flyer in there and how to sign up.
Put up recruiting material a lot of different places! Do shows or events so you can talk to people Get out into your community and build relationships with others!
#4 I am going to say practice practice practice it is only in practice that you will get a posture or a confidence that is attractive to people looking for a business.. Having a way about you that leads the room !

to start your avon business and have me be your mentor

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