Fashion and Curves Plus More!

How to dress up your Curves !
I think it is a struggle for plus size woman because we think we got to be the measurements of Barbie! We compare ourselves to the fronts of women’s magazines.
WE need to celebrate who we are ! WE are curvy woman !
It is always good try to be healthy and fit but even some of us at are fittest are just curvy! Celebrate your curves there are women out there that are shaped very straight and they have shared with me they wish they could be a little bit more curvy! So while they should be celebrating their thin sleek bodies because there are definite pluses in that side as well we should be celebrating our curves as well!
I have some quick changes that can be made that would improve a curvy woman’s fashion right off the top!
Dress in clothing that is your size !
Most of us have bought sizes either to small hoping that would help us to appear thinner or we have bought sizes too big in hopes that we would hide our bodies.
So it is important to buy clothes to fit you correctly. Buying your size and wearing clothes that fit you correctly is a huge step in the right direction!
Some other things to take into consideration is that it is okay to show people that you do have some sort of a waistline ! I am the first to confess to you that I would wear bigger shirts that hung down to try to conceal and hide my waistline. I have started to pull ever so slightly to my waistline in my wearing of fashion.
After getting into Plus Size fashion a little deeper and wanting to show a plus sized woman photos of what Avon clothes looked and fit on a plus size woman I began to see that actually wearing oversized shirts didn’t look better than wearing something that was pulled into the waist sometimes !
Having a accurate perception in the the mirror of what looks best on you is important ! When we began to accept who we are and the size we are we will then become designers in how we wear fashion because we will be willing to try things on and try different ways of wearing things and we will see what and how we look great in clothes!
Where we buy fashion is important because some clothing designers do not understand correctly how to fit a plus sized woman !
They have improved some now on plus sizing in which I am very thankful for!
Find better quality fashion designers that know how to fit our bodies better ! WE are more curvy in our thighs and hips and we need a little give in the fabric there! We are needing a little more arm room in sizing.
Avon has really been working on the sizing for plus and taking it to heart how to fit a plus size woman correctly which I love !
I used to never wear dresses or a skirt that didn’t hit at my ankles ! I was again trying to hide my body head to toe. I have found a couple of ways that I feel better in them ! i tanned my legs which I really felt better about and or I wore stylish leggings or jeggings for plus sized woman under my dresses and skirts.
I also found that I like my top sleeves to go between past my upper arm and land just at my elbow or to my wrist !
For tops and blouses the sizing is important. I have found there are times where I like cinching the middle of a shirt a dress slightly to my waistline looks more appealing but ever so slightly with a looser belt or tie around my waist !
I think the moment in which really can accept where we are at and see what we want to do with ourselves we then can make a plan to do and wear what makes us looks best!
It is important not to put yourself down but rather boost yourself up ! Enjoy who you are at the moment if your happy with who you are than awesome !
if you want to do things to change your style or fashion or even your body type it has to come from a confident you ! You are beautiful and your size doesn’t define who you are ! You are amazing and special! You are worthy of awesome things and you have greatness in you!

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