Marketing your Direct Sales Company!

What is marketing ?
the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.
What are some effective ways of selling your products or services !
I am going to share what I have learned over the course of 30 plus years in direct sales to help you succeed in your business!
Pick a product or service that is a needed commodity. Something that is trending and seems to be selling well! Market Research is key !
To gain noticeability for what you sell takes time! A brick and mortar company takes 3 to 5 years to start pulling a profit! So for direct sales expect no difference!
If you realize that you gain customers and sales over a period of time you may be able to have a different mindset. It would be easier to not expect to be an overnight success!
To do well in marketing you have to be creative! you have to come up with ideas to share your product with others in a unique and set apart way!
Your #1 Priority has to be customer service. Customer service is being punctual and showing up at the time you said you would be there. Delivery on what you told them you would get them on what they are wanting to buy. A extra small gift to say thank you for shopping with you or the extra something that shows that you value their business. Frequent Shopper Cards or Dollars off future purchases.
You must be at the top of your field. Understanding your products and using your products to be authentic and to have passion about them! You must be willing to listen and supply a need or want of your customer! It must be about them first and foremost for you to ever get the sale.
You have to be willing to follow up . You have to be willing to ask for the sale. In order to ask for the sale you need give value three times as much as the one time you ask for that sale!
Do you know enough about your product line!? Product Knowledge of what you sale and how it will benefit your customer is important
Learn how to deal with objections respectfully by sharing the benefits to the customer !
This is the hard truth you need to be better at what you sell and know what you sell better than anyone else!
Your best form of advertising is word of mouth ! When you show you can be trusted and when you are consistent ! When you do a good job you will gain more customers and you will gain success!
Other forms of advertising get out of your element and talk to everyone about what you do ! You got to go places to get your name out there. Go to businesses , Go to Chamber events and introduce yourself! Talk to people when your doing life and create conversations. Make new friends and be interested in other people. What do they like and what don’t they like! People buy from people they provide value to their life! Provide the best shopping experience they I have ever had..
Advertise on your vehicle and drive around in it ! Advertise on community boards! Get involved in charities ! Do fundraisers for organizations!
Wear your company logo wherever you go !
Advertise in online community groups and provide value there also !
Like other peoples posts and share there posts !
go live on Facebook and or create you tube videos!
Use social media avenues to promote yourself!
Again it takes time to get noticed and it takes consistency.
Even when people know what you do they want to see how long your going to stick with it! They want to know your are going to be there and bring their products to them
All this may sound difficult and hard . It is tough! What do you gain though!? Relationships that will last a lifetime ! A good financial lifestyle where you decide your paycheck. It is worth it ! Far more than you can possibly imagine!
Hope what I have said has helped.

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