Beauty Tips: Face Primer and Foundation

Whenever I apply foundation I had a tendency to not be able to blend either my foundation or my primer into my skin ! I found that because of sun damage and a lack of moisture from my age or my skin type that I need a little bit extra something to make my make up products work more efficiently.
What I found was that if used a higher quality moisturizer or a vitamin c serum with either one of these products it works much better for me!
Before I even start applying any make up to my face I start with a moisturizer to hydrate my skin. After my face moisturizer has sunk into my skin I than mix my primer with my Anew Ultimate Black Pearl Moisturizer on the side back of my hand. I apply my primer with my fingers and I easily and smooth the primer into my skin.
Foundation application for me is similar. I mix Vitamin C Serum into my Flawless Foundation together into the back of my hand! I put my foundation on with a foundation brush and after I have applied my foundation in a light application and then I spray some True Color Setting spray on to my skin. After my setting spray has dried. I apply another very light coat onto my face evenly and I blend with a Stippling brush or a beauty blender or something both!
From this application i get a very Natural Flawless Face look!

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