Be your own Booster !

What does it mean to be your own booster!
Boosting your mood!
Boosting your confidence!
Boosting your belief !
There is a lot to be said how to boost yourself!
What I want to share with you is how I boost myself up!
I hope that some of these things I do to boost myself will also be beneficial in helping you to boost yourself!
Our emotions are sometimes such a deterrent to us achieving our goals, plans and then dreams! So how do we boost our emotions!
There is a variety of things that boost my emotions!
Physical Exercise is very good at boosting our mood! Move ! Walk , Run and ride a bike ! Go to an exercise class! Go to the Gym ! Go dancing !
It is important to make time to exercise.
Another way I boost my mood is by taking mood lifters in plant based supplements! My company helps me to sleep and to stay calm which are also a part of this emotional roller coaster. I also take other supplements that help with depression and anxiety.
Writing what your feel and think in a journal ! The good , the bad and the ugly!
Write with pen in a journal! Writing down your ideas and thoughts help you to grow as a person.
Meditation is important too take time to relax and let life chill a little. Take time for your soul .. breathing exercises.
Another Booster is reading and listening to materials that help us to feel better . Les Brown , Napoleon Hill, and Jim Rohn. Read books like The power of the positive thinking. Think and Grow Rich.
Take a moment to think of all things that your are thankful or grateful for! Take in the beauty of a sunny day. Reminiscence over the relationships that you have the connections with those that your hold dear! Focusing on what you are grateful for can flip your mood right around.
Speak messages of life out loud watching carefully that you don’t speak negative into your lives or the lives of others.
Say Affirming Messages out loud so you ears and mind can hear them!
i am smart I am successful at … (specifically) I am .. whatever that means to you what do want out of life and speak I am … specifically what they are down to the color .. be specific.
Speak the good you want to come into your life..
Boosting your confidence .. take steps out to what you want to do and then have small successes. Those small successes will get bigger and you will gain more and more confidence …Reading books to learn more about your field will boost your confidence
Take the negative out of your life .. Don’t watch the News or watch things that going to bring you down.
Only hang out with quality people .. What I mean by quality people is people who are for you and speak good messages into your life. The people that cheer you own and inspire you to do more People who believe in you!

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