Where to find Customers !

So you started your new Avon Business.. How do you find customers !
Your Avon Brochure is your store and if you want to people to shop your store and buy then you got to invite people into your store! How to get people to show your store and buy from you !? Put out your Store into as many places as you can!
There are many places where you can leave your Avon Brochure!
1. Library
2. Gas Stations
3. Restaurants
4. Salons
$. Coffee Houses
6. Banks
7. Ice Cream Shops
8. Schools
9. Gyms
10. Doctors offices
11. Dentist Offices
12. Daycares
13. Realtor Offices
14. Car Dealerships
15. Hotel Lobby (or for the staff)
16. Tossing in Driveways
The list can go on from here .. Be creative as you think up places to leave your brochures.
Another way to find new customers is to ask existing customers if they know of anyone that would be interesting in seeing a Avon Brochure and that you will give them a discount if they order !
Get involved in new groups of people by becoming more active in your interests in your hometown. Art Club , Exercise classes or Craft Classes!
Fundraisers can give you a reach to meet new people and obtain new customers!
Events and Garage Sales whether you go to them or have a spot! Wear names tags or t shirts with Avon on them. Put advertising your vehicle basically get out and meet people and start letting people know and what you do and who are !
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to Sell Avon
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