Cold Contact Marketing for your Avon Business !

It may seem very scary to talk to someone you don’t know about your business !
it may be out of your comfort zone and be stretching you to think about how to reach your cold market !
Honestly it really depends on how you look at it ! Of course it is scary when you are approaching people with the only thing on your mind is to sell them Avon or to get them signed up in you business !
What if your thought process was I am going to make some friends ! I am going to say hi to people or to just to meet new people and make new friends! I feel that you really need to establish a relationship with other people before asking for business !
So where do you go to meet new people or make new friends! You get outside of you home and you go to an exercise class or an art class. You go places that you will have an opportunity to make new friends!
I looking at my business as friends first .. give first than ask for business!
If you are willing to reach out make new friends than you will always have a growing prospect list ! Get out of your house .. go meet the people and make new friends !

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