Eyeshadow at it’s finest!

You see these pictures of amazing eyeshadow applications and think to yourself how does that happen?
One thing is that practice makes perfect !
You have to go at it and play with it! Blending is a learning experience and it takes some time to get it done right! Quality eyeshadow brushes are a must in the applications knowing the movements of the brush to create the seamless look of application! There are different brushes for the overall eye , the crease and the smaller fine details of the corners of the eyes!
When applying eyeshadow it is a must to use a eyeshadow primer and a setting powder to help with blending and to help it last the day !
I apply foundation to my lid after I used concealer and eyeshadow primer and then I set it with translucent mineral powder…I then finish with the eyeshadow quads from Avon they even help you with numbering the shadow The lightest color being your highlight to the medium shade being your crease and the darkest color being your outer corner of your eye! When apply the crease first you blend it out by using a windshield wiper method and make sure to dust out the brush by tapping it to get the fallout product !

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