Makeup your Face!

Anew Ultimate eye 2
What is the best application tips for foundation?
Primer should be your first step in application of foundation! MagiX from Avon is a great primer for all skin types and provides a photo finish canvas for your foundation. This primer is great to fill in pores and decrease fine lines as well as give a matte finish. Primer contributes to a smooth application of your foundation and it will also help your makeup to stay on longer. Before Applying your primer remember to cleanse your face with an Anew Face Cleanser through Avon.
Magix Primer 1
Foundation should be warmed up as you use it. Here are some different ways to apply your foundation! With a foundation brush always apply downwards or sideways. Apply foundation under eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
Apply foundation down the neck , on the ears and behind the ears for blending it well and decrease the line. After applying foundation with a brush use a blending sponge to marry the product to the skin! To have an airbrushed look use the stippling brushing with a circular; soft buffing motion. A stippling brush can be used as light coverage application or to give your application a finished look!

Apply with your fingers, a flat brush , a sponge blender or a stippling brush!

Avon has a variety of liquid foundation. The Ideal Flawless is the top seller but definitely check see this chart for other options you may like to try.

After your foundation Application you next want to use the Avon True Color Cream concealer or the concealer stick!

Apply concealer under your eyes in a larger triangle shape towards the stop at the center of nose and blend with a small flat tip make brush or wet sponge makeup blender. Remember to brush the concealer into the inner corner of the eye. Gently brush out the edges of the triangle into the foundation. Gently tap out the concealer with light tapping motion Set the concealer with a mineral powder that hydrates your skin. The Mineral loose powder will also help to set the concealer for a longer period of time. Use a pressed powder to set your foundation.

ideal flawless before and after.jpg

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