What is your Niche?

What is your Niche is sales!? There are many different ways to sell products and services! It is important to find out what you do best! What are you great at doing; take that greatness and start incorporating that into your sales strategy. I decided that I would try to put out there the different ways to sell in direct sales. Keep in mind that a few things is universal. Friends first then sell works the best. Give Value 4 times much as you ask for business! Provide excellent customer service ! Customer appreciation! Having a pleasing personality. Being A good listener.. Fulfilling a need or want is key to making a sale! Dress for success! Do you dress for success! Outward appearance counts too. Pay attention to how you look! Smile and be friendly!
A in home small store of our products and services! I would get insurance to protect yourself as a precaution! Let your friends and family know you are open for business! Take pictures of products and services in action and share them with friends and family. Keep in stock best sellers and display items for retail!
A store on wheels. A Van detailed in the types of products youcare and then carry products for the consumer. Sitting in populated shopping centers and sitting outside the vehicle to show your open for business.
Home Parties to invite people to sample products and services! Have a presentation with door prizes and incentives to come! Launch parties to show new products
Consultations as a service to for sale of product! Allowing the customer to use and try your products! Such as a skin care consultation or a makeover with Avon Makeup!
Book Tossing … Massive distribution of Avon books to the surrounding neighborhoods! Place books in all the businesses in town and realize that you will need a rotation of at least 10 times before you will get a call! People want to know your serious! Talking to strangers and making conversation with people to bring in your business
Doing Events and setting up displays for customers to see and offer drawings to get contact names and phone numbers!
Fundraisers to benefit local schools and community organizations!
A Gift service of baskets and bundles for the consumer!
Get out and meet people. Be a part of the city you live in ! Talk to people make friends and build new contacts!

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