Online Sales Tips and Techniques

Online Selling Tips and Techniques!
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How do we sell successfully online? There is a lot of factors that play into selling effectively online. Being in direct sales and having an online presence I have sought out after information to help me succeed in my Online Avon Business.
I have followed Gary Vaynerchuk and I followed Dianne Hernandez and Emily Segrean. I have listened to Online Success MLM professional like Amber Voight who built a million dollar organization online within a 1 year! I have also took training from Eric Worre who is a MLM coach and trainer worldwide and he’s interviewed the biggest names in the MLM / Direct Sales Industry.
Combining all the minds of all these very successful online entrepreneurs I have gathered a variety of information! I am going to list what I find to be the most effective tips I can but they are not based in any specific order but they are all important to your business.
To be frank it will take time to build an online presence and if you are trying to earn a quick million the internet is not your best option. If you have patience and your a hard working consistent sales professional this could be the place for you! You have be willing to do things that you are uncomfortable with and be open to things that will stretch and develop you! Again consistency is the key. I have gained a marketing friends of list of over 4,045 people and a following over 800 and it takes time to build that. I have built business pages of over 2,000 and it is consistent hard work.
Blogging is important in selling products. Taking each product you sell building a testimonial before and after pictures, images on applications or product display is an awesome way to build a customer base. Incorporate reviews to help people see that the product is valid. Seek out people that are willing to do before afters of using your products and services. If they can also provide with reviews that would be idea. If you have to be the before and after that is okay for now! Your blog needs to give value to your customer sharing your own view of the product is fine but it is not enough you have to bring in other value. I have the awesome source in my Website for reviews that I can incorporate into my blog. When you are writing a blog ask yourself questions? How would they benefit using your product or service.. in another words what is in it for them?
YouTube videos.. for tutorials and for display product for the value of your customer!
Go lives sharing in the real and raw what is so great about your product or service
Sharing your item with great commentary directly from your website so they are to just click on it . Hashtag each item shared. Create your own images don’t only use professional personalize it.
Google Adwords are important for Search Engine Optimization. You have to find out what the consumer is sticking into google as search word and put those words into your description so when they search they find you!
Constant Activity into you different forms of Social Media brings your outlet to the top. You need to make yourself known so being consistently active will help with that. I would suggest having friends or family help you with commentary and liking your things to draw the attention to you! Good Content and Value Content is important when sharing posts or pictures of any kind. Add comments to other posts liking them isn’t enough anymore!
In Order of size of noticeably I would have to say Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are your top social media outlets. Be social .. Be positive, and don’t be salesy. Share content that is beneficial to your audience .. let them get to know you ! Get involved in groups where you can have social interactions. Search Twitter for conversations about Avon or make up etc or whatever your product or service is and get involved in the conversation.. if they like you they will seek to find out who you are .. indirect sells work best.. attractive marketing .. they like you so they buy from you.
Facebook will show a go live over other content so Go Live! More attention will be given to if you go live .. If you provide good content and you get activity that will also get you attention! Make Friends first then ask for business!
Incentives to buy from you . Specials or Sales . Discounts . Money back guarantee .. Excellent Customer Service will get you more business. Do it better than the other guy. What can you offer your customer that is signature to you that goes beyond what they would expect. Samples of your products .. the extra little gift in their products as way to say thank you. Calling them out for buying product from thanking them in front of everyone else! A thank you note ! A frequent buyer incentive!
Be creative and unique. Give Give Give and you will receive. Got to stand out find something that no one else is doing and do it well , if possible become that master at it and they choose you over everyone else! Create our own pictures , Create own videos, and Create own content!
Email Marketing ! Grow a extensive list of emails to shoot out sales and discounts to your customers. Stay connected!
I hope this blog for Sales online will benefit you! I believe if you are consistent you will find success in your business~online!

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