Breaking it all Down!

Now that we have found out what our purpose is in our life and we have decided how we are going to live that out in our goals we know now how to set out to accomplish them! We know now that goals should be based on what what we want to do and have and what we love to do. They say if you work at what you love ; and what your passionate about you will never work a day in your life. Usually what we want is really a huge goal and looking at it as a whole can seem very intimidating and overwhelming. The way we handle that big huge goal is by breaking it all down.
We have this big huge goal that we want to achieve and be successful at. How do we take that huge goal and break it down. When you break down you something you are taking something big and putting into smaller pieces! Those smaller pieces are easier to process and easier to do!
How do we decide what needs to be in place to succeed at our big goal. There is usually someone who proceeds us in success for what we are trying to accomplish. There is usually a road map for success. There are books, audios , videos and other resources that we can read and review to help us know what we need to do to get where we want to go. We also may know someone who has already accomplished what we are trying to set out to do. Inquire wisdom and guidance from them! Ask these successful people what they did to succeed in their goal that is very similar to yours! Write these discoveries on paper and review them significantly to know exactly what you will need to do.
You may need to learn a new skill or you may need to learn a new discipline. You may have to collect resources or finances to support your goal. Having this information will make it easier for you to create your plan of action!
One way to break it all down is take that goal and write it smackdown in the middle of a big white sheet of paper or even a poster board. Having something visual that you can re-focus on is important because it will keep you on task and set your mind the way it should be. As you take the big goal you start writing lines from that big goal into medium size goals that you need to accomplish the biggest goal.. Then from the medium size goals you even make them smaller. YOu keep breaking down this big goal smaller and smaller until you get to the place where you are making and doing to do lists . Each of this goals needs to be specific and have a date and a time that they will be achieved. I would suggest taking that big goal down to as small of a task is possible.
The to do list from the smallest tasks needs to be created into a daily to do list. Looking at your breaking it down chart the night before begin to set out what you will do the next day. Creating the to do list the night before has proven to be very successful. I think the reason that this is very successful is because your mind has all night to ponder it and the time while are sleeping will make your mind and body ready to set success in those tasks . As the mind processes this to do list it also attracts the natural energy to bring the resources and people you need to achieve it. Having everything prepared the night before the phone numbers of the people you plan to call, the places you plan to put your books, the businesses you will talk to have to have all been written down per proper name to be all ready for the next day.
The next day with your to do list check off each thing you have accomplished because this will bring confidence to you and your belief in yourself and your ability to accomplish this big goal will be re-assured in your mind and heart!
resources used to write this were from Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and also seek the Mind Mapping resource by Tony Buzan

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