The Power of Belief!

doubt kills
Whether you become successful at what you set out to is really completely up to.
The reality is no one has been handed success. WE want to believe that the people who are successful are this way because life has been good to them. If we believe that life has handed them a good hand then we don’t have to be responsible for a lack of success. We can make ourselves feel better that we haven’t achieved are dreams in this life. The reality is though life is hard for everyone. We are all equal in hardship and pain in the life. If really look it we can see that life has treated us all unfairly.
The difference that we see in these successful others is that they were tough to beat life. They have over their struggles and they have pushed themselves because they chose to believe they can succeed. All of us are constantly having negative messages sent to our brain and whispered in our ears that we are not enough that we can’t do it! The successful have learned to overpower this negative message by telling or yelling at that message the words “I can” and “I will”. It is a choice to believe or not to believe. It is up to us to choose to believe. It is up to us to affirm ourselves with positive messages. These messages we say out loud over and over again. We tell ourselves We can succeed. We can overcome. WE do have it what it takes. We beat the odds because we believe. The belief empowers us to achieve all of dreams. If we have faith as small as mustard seed we can tell a mountain to move and it would move. If we can’t believe why do expect to achieve. Our minds and soul are directed by our thoughts and how we see ourselves. There are no limitations to what we accomplish if we choose to belief. It is our journey not another person’s journey. Comparing yourself to someone else really makes no sense. We are gifted differently and we think differently so we can’t compare ourselves to someone wired completely different. We are different in our dreams , what we want out of life/
Life is going to have it struggles. We have one of two choices we can face the struggle and we can fight through it or sadly we can give into it!
I say we must fight, and we must be constant and strong in our belief. You are capable of so much more than you can fathom.
Believe! Go and claim your dreams with hard work , sweat and blood! Achieve what you meant to our achieve. Fulfill your destiny!
Whatever I can conceive in my mind, I can believe, and I can achieve!

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