Selling Good!

selling good
We have great sales tips and techniques that have been with us from the beginning of time! Things that go way back in time through history!.
I have picked my tips and techniques from people like Zig ziglar and Dale Carnegie! I enjoy learning from Gary Vaynerchuk as well!
Today I share with the 9 greatest sales tips from Dale Carnegie!
#1. Smile! Smiling whether your face to face or on the phone because it can be heard through your voice and of course through your expressions. With the internet we should smile across youtube and go lives! When you smile at people they feel accepted and received.When you smile at people they feel like you like them. So the #1 tops sales tips is to always remember to smile.
Here is where I ad lib. So since smiling is very important in sales and networking with other people then how does your smile look? I feel like it is important to have white teeth! I know that this is cosmetic but for me I want to have a winning smile! I invest in toothpaste and mouthwash, along with white strips to create a bright white teeth smile! I have heard the charcoal works well on creating white teeth. I know that the dentist has a professional service to give white teeth! There is gum marketed to help give you white teeth. Presentation of yourself of a winning smile is important.
Always remember to smile !
#2 Listening is super important in sales and marketing ! People like when you talk to them because they want to feel that connection and that engagement with you. But after that first initial engagement, listening is the best way to find out what they need or what they want. You make the best salesperson if can fulfill that need or want! I add this thought to that of listening? Are you asking questions!? Are you inquiring about what they are looking for or what they need? Are you finding what they get excited about? Do know what is important to them? For Instance I love Jewelry and I love it over clothing so a salesperson is going to be able to reach me more with the idea of Jewelry over clothing. How else would they know that my passion is jewelry if they don’t ask me , “What do you like more; Jewelry or Fashion!?” Avon Skin Care fills a lot of different skin care needs. WE need to find out what they are needing in skincare. Do they have oily or dry skin? Do they have combination skin!? Are they wanting to fight against anti-aging? Do they have sensitive skin? What are they allergic to? What has there experience been with skincare in the past? Ask them … What do you like about Avon? What is your favorite Avon Product!
Questions are really important when your are listening because question will help them communicate with you!
#3 “Arise and Eager Want” As a salesperson it is your job to get them excited! When people think of Avon they think of beauty. Avon is SkinCare and Makeup. Avon is perfume and it luxurious lotions and oils! Avon is Fashion and Jewelry. Now Avon is promoting to make you the most beautiful from the inside out! So in know that we can be excited to share with them how Avon is going to give them even more beauty! We don’t want to focus on the wrinkles of their skin . People don’t want to talk about wrinkles. They caN excited about have a soft and young looking face. So you want to focus on your pitch and how it can bring them they things are desiring! Be sure to speak in the positive goals they would like!
#4 Use Names I know that when someone remembers my name I feel important and I feel remembered. When I feel this way I also feel valued. Using your customers names makes them feel special and important! Using your customers name will make them feel like they are more than just a sale. They feel like they are your friend! Dale Carnegie says “There is no sweeter sound to a person then hearing their name! ” Sometimes people struggle remembering names there is a method that helps us remember people’s names. I repeat a name at least three times while I am speaking to them and I try to see something as mental picture to associate them with. I want to add more to this idea of using names. I feel that it shows great customer service to make customer profiles. A Customer profile will have a list of previous purchases and their opinions of them. Index cards would work well for that. When items go on sale or there is a good deal definitely notify of them of the special on their preferred item! It will have a description of the skin care needs and the types of perfumes and fragrances they appreciate most. I once shopped a department store that was friends with store manager she knew I loved roses and so she would call me when they got new inventory in of rose prints so I could look at them before they sold out. Find out about your customer what they like in fashion and jewelry so you can tell them when items they like come available.
#5 Avoid Arguments If someone says they like another brand better than yours don’t argue with them that your product is better because of x,y, and z. Make no commentary. Just listen and don’t engage in that conversation. In time you will have time to share your excitement of products you have but you don’t want to have competition with other brands! That is over selling and will deflate your customer and most likely you won’t get the sale. You want to validate your customers feelings and opinions even if they are not your brand!
#6 If Appropriate, Apologize. If you make mistake then don’t try to make excuses for it. Just emphatically apologize saying it was your fault then move on. You will find if you just say your sorry and move on they will quickly forget most times that there was a problem to begin with! It is usually quickly forgiven!
An example of this maybe is that Avon sent the wrong item and now you have to tell your customer that you didn’t get their item. I would not even blame it on Avon because it will come across as an excuse like you trying to pass the buck It is much better overall in your business if you just say I am very sorry and I didn’t get your item in and reassure them that you will reorder that item for them next time!
#7 Let Customers sell themselves! People do not like to be sold to! It is better to share beneficial information and helpful tips! Be helpful and of service! Give value. Ask questions and steer the conversation so they are making the decision to buy it themselves!
#8 “What is in it for the customer”! Asking yourself how a product or item benefits your customer is a great service to your customer. It is good to share that you like a product or that you have a good testimonial from customers about product but it is even more great to share how this product or item can potentially help them. to be sharing with them the fulfillment of need or want that they have is great salesmanship! I am going to pull this a little farther. What can you do as salesperson to show our customer that you really appreciate their business. They could go to another Avon Representative and so why should they go to you. Think about a perk you can give them for shopping with you. For Instance I ordered roses wholesale and got them for pretty cheap but they were nice and with every $10 order or more I gave them a rose that cost me .25.
One time I offered my customers a faux rhinestone pen that I purchased in bulk at a very cheap cost. It was a gift to say thank you for shopping with me. You find your creative way to say thank you to your customers. Be sure that if you can afford to invest in samples you do. Samples sell more product and it will benefit you in the sales to come! Samples provide value to customer!
#9 Dramatize your Ideas! This is more about a honest flair and showmanship. A while ago I was in sales where I sold kitchen items and I did a funny thing on accident. I actually used a knife flipped over as I quickly noticed my error and then laughed at mistake and flipped it right , I sold a lot of the kitchen item! Once there was story told me about selling cars. A tops salesman was selling a car to a customer that was looking for more trunk space. The sales opened up the hatchback of this car with a window got inside to show how much trunk space there was. He was very good at sales at his ability to have fun and show flair made him very good at what he did. Be creative and fun. Use humor to sell!

In reality A sales transaction is a interaction of between two people — whether in person, on the phone, or online. A customer wants to buy; the Sales Rep wants to sell. The is exchange of interaction in sharing and listening, but mostly listening so you can provide value to your customer.
Dale Carnegie said, “The secret to success was being interested in other people”. Gary Vee taught me a very successful sales tip once,and that is, that in order to sell well you first need to give , give and give!
Zig Ziglar said If you will help another person get what they want or need, they in turn will give you what you need in return!

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