What do you really want! ?

what do I want
Sometimes I think we think that it is okay only if we think of what other people want? It is no wonder that we believe that it is selfish to think about what we want as we have been given these messages crammed into our heads our whole life.
To be quite honest, I have always believed that if I considered myself that I was not a loving person. The truth is it is good to know what we want! We should know what what we love to do! Living life to the fullest each day doing what we created to do!
How do we decide what we want? We think about what want! We brainstorm like when we were writing a paper. We think of what main things we want and we put that main thing into a big circle and we draw lines with more circles as in a diagram Writing without any limitations to what we want. Just keep listing! We think about what we love to do and we do the same excite thing!
I thought I might share with you my wants and things I love to do!
When inquiring into my own heart I closed my eyes and thought back to when I was small child and all through my journey up until now. As I thought to myself; some things I quickly recalled to mind and other things it took time to remember them. I had shoved all the wants and loves down because to me those things were not important. That is sad way to live life I think! I have always loved ornate homes with gingerbread details almost like a Victorian but not quite as stately more warm and cuddly. I have always loved porches because the meant opportunities for family and friendly bonding! I love the ocean so much and when I have visited I wanted to cry when I had to leave. I feels so amazing when I am near the water! I love the sand between my toes and the smell of the salty air. I love horses and that is one that stuffed because everyone said your city girl what do you know about horses. You cannot have a horse. There too expensive and basically wanted to convince me that for me it was a pipe dream. So I want to gingerbread house with a wrap around porch on the beach that allows horses!
I love to sing but I don’t have a natural ear to sing on pitch. I have been singing in private my whole life and I have improved and I know that I could teach myself how to sing! I always feel joy and good inside when I sing. I love to narrate stories and whenever I used to read books to my kids I would do different voices for different characters. I like to be the happy sounds and the sad sounds and I loved acting out in the books. I secretly love to act. I love helping people. I love encouraging people. I like seeing people believe in themselves. I like it when people feel good about themselves. I love to make things prettier. I love decorate with all kinds of girly things and make them prettier than before. I love art and I love drawing. Digging way down deep I know that I love to see people truly joyful in themselves and in life!
So what do you want and what do you love to do? Take some time and you find a quiet space to dig into your heart and decide what those things are for you!
Don’t put limits on your wants and love based on other people. People can’t know your heart! Just because they don’t believe that it could happen for them doesn’t mean that you can’t live out your wants. YOu can do what you love to do!
As far as taking those wants and things you love to do into a success pattern. You have to put that into the different areas of your life. How do translate those areas in your financial means , your health and your relationships? you have discover how that all fits together.
Invision your life and what you want that to look like. Take all those wants and loves you have rediscovered in yourself and insert them into how you could make money at them, how you could use that to build relationships , and how you put that into all those important areas of who you are as a being.
Don’t limit how big they are. Think about yourself not in the past but what you could be in the future. Somehow life; after you decide what you want and what you love to do; will naturally guide you to your path and journey. Life will show you how. Your inner spirit will tell you which way to go and if you listen and do what is telling you to do you will have the life of success you want!
Belief in yourself and knowing that you can will be in my next blog!

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