Life Purpose!

life purpose smallLife’s Purpose!
We are destined to have purpose in this life! What is your purpose ? What is my purpose?
Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize your activities around it! Brian Tracy
Your life purpose should be something that you love to do and it should be something you’re passionate about! You will be great at this naturally and will be something that will be very important to you!
What is the why behind everything you do? What makes you unique from everyone else? What makes you special ? How do you show others that you love them? What do you do when you want to interact with someone? What would be the perfect world for you as you know it!? When you close your eyes and think freely if you could do anything of influence what would be , why would it be that and how would you express that! ? Take these answers to these questions to create a intended life purpose for yourself. Everything you do from this point on should correlate with this purpose. Write down a sentence or two stating this purpose so that you can review it every morning to provide focus for yourself!
I want to use my creativity and humor to inspire , help and encourage people to succeed in their lives! To live life each day to the fullest! I enjoy and I am passionate about reaching others for the greater good! (empowering people to be strong and interdependent) life purpose small

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