Goal Setting!

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Goals are the #1 Key to your success! Goals need to specific to details. Without goals that are specific within a date set to them and the exact time down to the minute they are nothing more than a want or pipe dream. Goals that are written down have a much higher success rate than goals that don’t get written down. Goals should be reviewed daily. Goals that are written and shared with others; especially another person who will keep you accountable, have a very high success rate.

You have decided what you want out of this life. You have honed in onto your desires and wants? The next step to achieving success in your desires and wants is you must set a goal! This goal needs to be very specific in its details. Saying I want to live by the ocean one day is not specific enough. I want to live by the ocean on August 30, 2020 at 5:00 pm on the beach in San Diego in a pink house that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is more ideal to what your goal should state. Getting a visual picture in front of you would be awesome! People create vision boards or goal books that they can add pictures to. They find pictures from magazines and other sources to see every day on their walls or in there wallet or purse.

Goals written down are much more effective in that give you a place to go to focus on your goal! Goals need to reviewed and looking morning , noon and night.
Reminders on a bathroom mirror or in the Kitchen would be good places. Save them on your screensaver on your laptop or your phone. Say them outloud to engage your brain to accept them!

Goals should be spoken to a friend who believes in your ability to succeed or a mentor in your business as it raises your percentage to 75%. Partner up with a business partner to keep each other in check on your goals!

Deciding your goals is the starting point stay tuned for heading into action on my next blog!

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