Recruiting New Representatives!

So you want to build an Avon Team! You wonder how you will be able to find people that are interested in finding a Business Opportunity! If you are looking to grow a team of Avon Representatives then I have some tips for you! There are a variety of ways to find people who will be excited about what you have to offer! I even have some tips and techniques for the shy representative.

Recruiting is not as difficult as seems! First of all set yourself a daily goal. How many people are you going to talk today either in person , online or through the mail about your business opportunity. Write that goal down and give you a time frame of when you are going to do this.. Set yourself up for success. Are you going to talk the power of 3 , 5 or 10 people a day. Keep in mind that for every 10 people you talk to you can possibly have 1 sign up!
How may people would you like to add your team. The numbers are always incorporated in business whether it is recruiting or sales. What I am saying is the more people you try to reach out to the more that you will find that are excited to start their Avon Business.

Recruiting in person is really about letting others know what you do and that you are interested in finding business partners. I set out to talk every person I come in contact with each day! I start out with a hello and ask them how are doing. I ask them how work is going and then listen. Tell them you are trying save for a Vacation or your trying earn extra money to help pay for business and
ask them if they have anything they need and if they are looking for a way to get the money to pay for certain things. Listen, Listen and Listen because they will tell you what they want and need. Your power is in the questions that you ask. Ask Questions about them and learn about them and then connect your opportunity to their need and show them how they can fulfill their want or need with starting an Avon Business. You want to supply the answer they are looking for!

Create your warm list. Use a memory jogger form and write down every single person you know as a friend , a family member and even your acquaintances. Contact them and ask them questions about themselves and listen and connect your business opportunity to there gold nugget that they just gave you.. I need to make more money or I don’t like my job could be some gold nuggets. Talk to everyone and don’t prejudge anyone! Your warm list should have hundreds of names and should never end you should be adding to this list constantly it will be a running and working list where you are adding new names all the time. You may want to put a money sign by those you know need extra money and our looking for ways to supply a need or want. As you talk to different people on your warm list you want to put a system in place for those you have talked to. Do not think no is the end of that name by that I mean it is just isn’t the right timing for them. Call them in six months. Use a system in your warm list !

You can not be a hermit. Most people that know me see me as outgoing and willing talk to anyone.. sometimes what people don’t know about me is how much I love to be home. I am homebody and that is my happy place.. or what others might call my comfort zone. I feel so good when I am at home. In order to grow your Avon business you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to meet new people and you have talk to people you don’t know. Yes that can be very hard. I think it could be easier if you look at it as I am putting myself out there to make new friends and relationships. A smile and a compliment to someone could be the only awesome thing they experienced that day! Do you realize what your offering to them. When I started my Avon business I was struggling with confidence and I was sad. I needed relationships with other empowered woman and men! Avon has brought me out of my shell that I created for myself. Avon is all about building up woman and encouraging woman. How awesome is it that to be in a direct sales company they could can help you to blossom. It helped me to see how special and unique I was. You are offering a place where a woman can feel good about herself. Don’t look it as trying to beg them into your business. Honestly there is no point in trying to force anyone into something they don’t want to do. Sharing with them how Avon has impacted your life and how it has brought good things is what you should do. Tell your Avon Story. What I am trying to say is to take what Avon has given you and reach out to others with that message. How will it benefit their lives. Don’t talk about Avon and the successful business that they are; but talk about your story and how it could be theirs.

Advertising that you are looking for Avon Representatives is a key component and can work for outgoing and shy representatives. Representatives should be wearing Avon in clothing, make up, and jewelry! Advertising by wearing Avon Buttons, hats, and T shirts. share your Avon Business on social media by sharing Avon Events and your Avon Lifestyle. Deck out your car in Avon. Deck out your House in Avon Signs! Put something about recruiting with all your Avon Advertising!

So you have shared the Avon opportunity and where that they the sign up. Wait, Did you follow up?! Get contact information or if you have it use it! You will have more success if you follow up. Contact them by Phone or in person as a first choice of contact! Say “Let’s get you signed up with Avon Business. I would like to show how to sign up today” Don’t ask and just do. Have posture and strength in your follow up. You have already established they want to sign up so sign them up. 🙂

I hope that I have given you some ideas or even I have repeated what you know that will propel you forward in your business!
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