Social Media to Build Your Direct Sales and your Team!

Social Media is a great source of advertising to grow your direct sales and to grow a group of other distributors onto your team! Social Media Consists of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Tumblr, Google +and Linkedin just to name off a handful of popular sources. There is a right way to utilize Social Media and then there is a wrong way to utilize Social Media. I will be sharing about the great ways to use Social Media to build your business!
The first most important information you need to know is to that in order to effectively use Social Media you need to create a brand for yourself! You might be at this point asking what is a brand? The best way for me to describe what a brand is to you have think of commercial brands you might already be very familiar with. For instance, what is the first thing you think of when you hear Mercedes or Lexus, rather quickly you will associate Mercedes and Lexus with a higher priced status luxury vehicles. You may also then start to think about where they are made and and what these vehicles specialize in. What about Oscar Mayer or Disneyland you know what these brands are also. So when you are thinking of your own brand this means when people hear your name what do they associate you with. When they hear my name they know that I love business and they know I have daughters. I am associated with Roses because I love flowers and I post them quite often. So when I branding myself on social media I am telling story about who I am by the photographs and images I post in words to thought processes. Branding is important because it is building a relationship and a sort of warmth with my followers and friends on social media. Branding creates a connection you with and the masses; a number of people beyond who you could meet each day.
So what material should you be posting on these different social media outlets? But wait we need to take a step backwards to first understand how to give value to another human being. Giving Value means that your are adding something beneficial to another humans life. To step away from oneself and put energy into another human being or a group of human beings. We give value when we pay attention to other people’s posts by responding to their posts by liking on Facebook and pressing hearts on Twitter. Retweeting and Sharing posts and thoughts. By words of kindness in comments of reply to the other posts. Giving Value three times overs before asking for business is very effective in your becoming successful in life and in your company. Giving Value in posting good content. What is good content ? My favorite things I like to post is to post beautiful pictures with inspirational and motivational quotes that are encouraging others. Most people including myself like to laugh and smile. Posting memes are good content as long as they are hilarious and in good taste. After all the more people we make laugh the more we bring value! What is your favorite activities? What are your interests. Topics that could be very welcomed are animals and health. I am in love fashion and beauty. Sharing pictures of things that truly you can give many other people a glimpse into your person so that when you do reach out they feel a warmth there and are more open to what you have to say. In your comments and in messenger try to start conversations under posts or in messengers that connect the conversation to your business.
What not to do in using social media to grow your business. Consistently posts ads to buy or do business with you. Have patience! For every 10 value posts you can post 1 business! Building community first then business. Then when you do bring in business share more then posting links. Share testimonials and share the value that benefits the consumer and the why they should use your product or service. Post before and after photos of how well your product or service has helped others. Share the factual benefits. Post pictures of how beautiful a piece of jewelry is and how it will accent an outfit. In my business I could do skin care and makeup tutorials or actual makeovers on customers to help create sales and revenue. Are you looking for business partners? Create interest by posting a lifestyle that your business creates. Post the benefits of being in business for yourself the freedom to spend time with your children and two create your own schedule and to not be limited to an hourly wage. Showing that being your own boss gives your freedom to earn whatever you want based on the work and effort you put forth! Post images of incentives you can earn and then show massive amounts of photos of the joy and rewards you recieved. Post videos to even bring more community because what better way for person to get to to know you than to have a voice to a face with good content. At some point you do have to put out a call to action . Would you like to be my partner in business and would you like to be your own boss. Would you like to buy this amazing product! Before you post a call to action earn it with waht you bring in the benefits to them.
What are the magic words to use to bring on more sales and business? The magic words are the words that you share with your prospective customer or business partner that are going to be whatever will benefit them in buying or working with you.. The Magic Words are the why they should do business with you ; what are the benefits to them. Why should they start their business with your company what is in it for them!
To sum up share yourself and share products but before you do that care , serve and love others!
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