Beauty Boss Advertising!

How to soup up your advertising in your Avon Business to gain more customers and to find more people interested in the Avon business opportunity!
First and top Advertising is yourself. Are you wearing Avon products, shoes, clothes, jewelry. Is the make up and skin care your using your Avon Skin Care line.
The best way to sell any product is to #1 Believe in the product you are selling. The way your find that belief is by sampling it yourself so you can tell others what you like and why.
Your second best advertising you have is your Avon Brochure. You have to push through the comfort zone and talk to people and share the business with people you come in contact with. You carry your Avon Business with you to the grocery store and the doctors office or anywhere else you may go.
Most business owners have clothing with their company brand.
Wear a t shirt or a polo with Avon Branding on it! Brand your vehicle with Avon
Decals or Magnets and have fun with it.
Market your business on gas station or laundry mats billboards with either business cards and flyers.
Advertising over the internet on social media outlets and through email.
Email Marketing is one of the best advertising you find. Create a blog on a free
blogger website to share testimonials and make up tips and techniques.
At place of residence make a banner for business and get a yard sign or put a brochure holder so they can grab a brochure just like they do a realtor brochure..
Sign up to be a vendor at local events in to share you Avon Business!
I took business and marketing in college and they say it can take 3 to 5 years to really let others know you are in business for yourself. It is ongoing daily consistently sharing your business with others!

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