Boosting your sales!

Be Creative when you are selling your products.. Customer’s need know what is it in for them. Ask Questions! What do they like? What is there favorite make up colors?
what are the skin care needs and what type of skin scare do they have!z?
Do you they like Jewelry if so what metal color do they like gold or silver?
Keep Customer Cards for Notes to remind you of their preferences!
The best sales person in the world Zig Ziglar says find there need and fill it!
Share what you have in Avon Products that will help them!
If they are interested in a certain products let them know what products work well together to give them best effect! If they like a certain outfit show them the Jewelry and shoes that match with them!
Talk to Your Past Customers. … Is there a customer that hasn’t ordered in awhile then they may running out of certain product that they love or a sale that matches what they have gotten in the past.
Bundle Your Products and Services. … offer Bundles that work together or Package Deals with a discount! Off them a customer service !
51% is customer service so have to have something that benefits and offers value to your customer!
Ask for Referrals. … Ask your current Customer if they know anyone that offers your product or service! Offer them a discount to their sales if they people they refer order from you.
Have a Limited-Time Sale or Promotion. … Offer your own deals ! Offer Customer Appreciation Day’s ! Most direct sales offer promotions and or sweepstakes share that with your customers!
Listen. … Listening to your customer is far beyond the most important thing you can do to boost sales.. Be a great Sales person .. It is not about you it is about them don’t forget that!
Use Social Media to Your Advantage. … Be Sure that you Have Facebook Business Page as well as a Facebook Group!.. Are you involved in sales groups where you can share your business!Do not forget Pinterest, Instragram, Twitter and Linked In!

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