Avon the Opportunity for Woman

Did you  know that Avon is over 130 years.    Avon was found by
David H McConnell .   David H McConnell first founded a cookware company

and to help boost sales he made perfume samples and then from those samples being more in request then his cookware he decided to form the California Perfume Company.

The California Perfume Company became today what we know as AVON .

Avon has been through the great depression and has come through other financial hard times.

Avon was a company hiring woman to sell before Woman were allowed to Vote!

Avon Supports causes like Breast cancer Awareness and the woman against domestic violence against woman.

Avon is not just skin care or cosmetics. Avon is Fashion with clothes , shoes and jewelry.

Avon is housewares, interior decorating and children’s toys and novelties!

Avon is a company that makes some woman who are entrepreneurs very wealthy making six figure incomes.

Avon stands by integrity and honesty and that is why it has lasted as long as it has.

I figure I am running my business through a historically incredibility awesome company.avon facebook cover



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